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My Z has a new Italian friend.......


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All I need now is a mustache and Hawaiian shirt..........
I've got the shirt, but can't grow a mustache of that caliber. LOL
I'm so tempted to post a picture here that would likely get me in trouble....:devious:
I know what picture you're thinking of, Stephen. You're probably right, you should resist the temptation. ;)
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Hi Randy:

Good For You!! I'm always happy to see someone get the Ferrari they lust after.

I will hope that the members of the Ferrari Club in your area, are as great as the members here in Florida were. Second only to the people you'll find in the Classic Z Car community, the Ferrari Club members were a great group of people to hang out with. {of course there are always one or two exceptions that prove the rule}.

No question that then and now - the styling on the 308's is simply beautiful.

It just reeks F E R R A R I....

As luck would have it - I just happen to need a good side view of a 308... so I'm going to steal yours...

Good luck with it...

Carl B.

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This one is a 1985 GTSI QV with 54k miles. All service records since new and a recent major with belts, so basically it's good to go for the next 5 years......I hope. Cost was in the mid 30's and I love the car, the sound alone is the most wonderful thing you will ever hear.

Thanks Carl,

Glad I could help with the picture. There arn't that many Ferrari guys here in town, but the few I've met in the surrounding area seem like good folks......Most wern't even wearing more than three gold chains.......LOL, and yes I'm kidding. Hope to get some pictures with the 240Z, I think they will look good together.

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