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What is your Daily Driver


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I'm going to assume you mean when I'm not driving the 240Z. Because I do drive it regularly, generally commute to work in it at least once a week, if not more.

When I'm not driving the Z, I use one of the following:

  • '96 BMW 328i - 5 speed, Sport Package, euro-ellipsoid headlights and AC Schnitzer wheels.
  • '91 VW Jetta GLI 16v - Purchased new in '91, mostly driven by my son these days. Euro-H4s, TechTonics exhaust, Neuspeed suspension, Momo wheels.
  • '92 BMW K75RT - also purchased new, in '93.




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When I was in the US, I was driving a Mitsu Evo 8, awesome car!

Now in France, I drive a Peugeot 206 s16/GTI, 2200lbs/140hp , it handles great but lack some power...


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We only have two cars right now - the 1972 Z that I bought new ... and our daily driver which is a 1988 Toyota Camry that I also bought new for my wife. 225,000 miles on the Camry and it doesn't burn any oil at all. The Camry has been around and back in 1993/94 was in all of the lower 48 states within a 12-month period. I keep waiting for the Camry to expire so I can get another car but it just keeps running and is really a pretty good car. For us, it's the ideal size - not too big, not too small - even with 225k still gets over 30 mpg on the highway, and with the back seats folded down I can get 8ft 2x4's home from Lowe's! Indeed, if I could get a "new" 1988 Camry, with anti-lock brakes, a 5-speed automatic, and about 25 more horsepower ... I'd be a happy camper !


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My official daily driver is my 2002 GMC Duramax, 4x4, crew cab, with 3" exhaust and Edge Juice w/Attitude - http://www.edgeproducts.com/product.php?pk=49&pvk=131

Once in awhile I'll take my '68 chevy C10 out for a ride to get stuff for home projects or out exploring the wilds. My 2/71 240Z was driven daily, but I recently changed to collector insurance - which I got the option for 2 days a week of driving it to work legally (an extra $50.00 a year).

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