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  1. guy_geo

    1973 240Z

  2. guy_geo

    Montreal Z Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. guy_geo

    Montreal Z Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Non, pas eu de réponse... Toujours à a la recherche.. Avec le cendrier en arrière du shifter. Pis j'ai un problème de shifter en plus. mais je serai la vers 11 hres. merci
  4. guy_geo

    Montreal Z Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'll be there!
  5. guy_geo

    Japan Grand Prix, The Early Days

    Very fun to watch. merci!
  6. guy_geo


    I ordered mine at Motorsport and they look classy.
  7. guy_geo

    New Nissan Heritage Collection Website

    OMG... I wanna go there... For all the pics http://www.twinturbo.net/net/viewmsg.aspx?forum=general&msg_id=2079707
  8. guy_geo

    Weird Myths or Facts about your Z car

    At a Petro Canada gas station last week, the clerk ask me: Is it a kit car? I was so frustrated
  9. guy_geo

    So... Whats your beer? ID's Checked at the door.

    Sam Adams and Alexander Keiths red. Blanche de Chambly
  10. guy_geo

    Oil for a 1971 240Z, and problem diagnosis

    Well, car goes for hibernation at the end of September anyway!
  11. guy_geo

    Oil for a 1971 240Z, and problem diagnosis

    20W50 for me
  12. guy_geo

    My Z story

    Cool. Have fun with the car!
  13. Bienvenue! Welcome. You need level tube to balance the carbs, real useful... Good evening. Send me an email and I will send you 24 pages on how to tune the SUs. A little documents I have found on the web. May be helpful to you And this also: http://www.jetlink.net/~okayfine/sutech.html
  14. Ok, an update. Got the car last week-end... What a difference. New cop head gasket, 085mm more thickness. New SU carbs. New lighten flywheel New pertronix ignition, to replace the old unit and no more points. Brand new radiator Car does not ping anymore, accelaretion is steady. You have a Happy Guy. __________________
  15. guy_geo

    Fairly new

    Welcome home

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