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  1. Thanks jfa. So either get generic blade and strip out or buy a generic refill. I see that Trico and Anco offer many types of 18 inch refills with the small metal spring clip. For Trico and Anco, does anyone know which version of the the refills they offer work best with our OEM frames ie. fit on the frame and giving a good wipe on our curved windshields??? I guess that I could just buy them and try until I find the best one (not too expensive to experiment) but if someone already has the answer then I would appreciate their insight!
  2. Good idea. One question though. The Nissan rubber has rubber stops at both ends that prevent the rubber from sliding out. How would rubber from the generic replacement assembly be held in so that it won't slip out? I don't want any chance of scratching my new NOS windshield. Thanks
  3. Great idea. It looks like the OEM takes an 18 inch/450mm long wiper refill with an 8mm base. Can anyone confirm those dimensions? (for 77 280z).
  4. Now many years later and OEM refills are NLA from Courtesy or Motoersport. Is there some other supplier of wiper refills that work with the OEM wiper assembly (1977-78) e.g. Trico, Precision, Bosch? If so, what is the right model??? I think the length is 450mm or 18 inches.
  5. I second your choice of Whitehead. They have been servicing my 77 280z for 12 years. Great work whether major projects or minor ones.
  6. Hi GraphiteZ Fall River is a pretty part of NE. Many thanks for your offer! I have found the part, so I better leave it with you for the next guy who is in need of this somewhat rare part.
  7. Thanks for your insights. I've decided to go with the Potenza S-04s. I'll report in 2-3 weeks how they compare to the Toyo T1Rs.
  8. I need the Fuel Injection Compensation Device that advances the throttle linkage in 75-78 cars when the factory air conditioning is turned on. This vacuum actuated compensator is mounted on the intake manifold for the purpose of adding 150-200 rpms to offset the a/c load when the car is idling. I am looking to buy a used (or new) one that someone may have in their parts box after cleaning up the intake area or removing the factory a/c or the factory fuel injection setup. Does anyone have a lead on such a part???
  9. I need to replace a set of 205/55/16 tires, currently Toyo T1R. The T1Rs were very good on the street and at the track but after 7 years they are deteriorating despite lots of remaining tread. I am considering: Toyo Proxes 4 A/S Bridgestone Potenza S-04 Pole Bridgestone Potenza RE760 Sport Michelin Pilot Exalto PE2 Michelin Pilot Exalto A/S Any experience with these tires or other suggestions? Thx
  10. Availability of 2 seater hatch glass with defroster wires?
  11. I'm 53. First Z was a new 1974, 260z (gold)--sold in 78 Second Z was a new 1978, 280z (silver) (5spd)--sold in 86 Third Z is a 1977, 280z (brown #301)(5spd)--bought in 2002 with 29k mi, currently 53k mi Many moderate upgrades including 260 deg cam, Crane HI-6 ignition, 16" Panasports with Toyo TR1s, rear disc brakes, 2.25" stainless exhaust, Tokico shocks with stock springs, heavier sway bars, new bushings all around Runs great. I've taken it to the big track at Mosport 5 or 6 times with great success!
  12. Sounds like bad (contaminated) gas from BP. Try checking fuel system filters for cheapest fix then escalate to pump/fuel pressure.
  13. Call Greg Whitehead in Toronto. They do great work and have been Datsun performance and racing experts for 20+ years. He has a first class team of professional and honest mechanics. www.whiteheadperformance.com
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