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  1. Non, pas eu de réponse... Toujours à a la recherche.. Avec le cendrier en arrière du shifter. Pis j'ai un problème de shifter en plus. mais je serai la vers 11 hres. merci
  2. guy_geo


    I ordered mine at Motorsport and they look classy.
  3. OMG... I wanna go there... For all the pics http://www.twinturbo.net/net/viewmsg.aspx?forum=general&msg_id=2079707
  4. At a Petro Canada gas station last week, the clerk ask me: Is it a kit car? I was so frustrated
  5. Sam Adams and Alexander Keiths red. Blanche de Chambly
  6. Well, car goes for hibernation at the end of September anyway!
  7. Cool. Have fun with the car!
  8. Bienvenue! Welcome. You need level tube to balance the carbs, real useful... Good evening. Send me an email and I will send you 24 pages on how to tune the SUs. A little documents I have found on the web. May be helpful to you And this also: http://www.jetlink.net/~okayfine/sutech.html
  9. Ok, an update. Got the car last week-end... What a difference. New cop head gasket, 085mm more thickness. New SU carbs. New lighten flywheel New pertronix ignition, to replace the old unit and no more points. Brand new radiator Car does not ping anymore, accelaretion is steady. You have a Happy Guy. __________________
  10. Can you order it from Europe directly?
  11. 2007 VW GTI manual. I'm a turbo addict...
  12. Black dragon sells it. http://www.blackdragonauto.com
  13. OK, I was lucky to locate a brand new radiator in Mtl from Spectra Premium Industries. www.spectrapremium.com I currently does not have an OE radiator on my car, and I want to know what rad cap I can use, since the old one does not fit...
  14. Thanks for all the input. Problem is, I'm not a mechanic and my mechanic lives 45 miles from my place... I'll ask him if they are flat pistons, and if he can take some pictures... Other problem, he's retired and works on the car during the day, alas, I work also in daytime Mtl downtown, a drag, since I cannot be there to watch him and ask questions! I have also very worn carbs right now, the one in the front is too rich, (blackened sparks) , and guess what, the carb in the back, too lean, white sparks.. As soon as I can have drive with the car and maybe some pictures, I'll keep on posting. As for the fuel, I'm using Petro Canada 94 octane gas, available only in the Mtl area, not available outside Mtl, so I keep some octabe booster cans in the car.
  15. Problem is, the compression is causing knocking from time to time. I'm doing my headgasket right now. I have installed right now a new set of rebuilt SUs, put a 280ZX Turbo head gasket as well as a metal spacer to have 0.040'' of additional clearance to lower the comp. ratio. I have changed points for a electronic distributor as well as the coil. I will see in 2 weeks, when the job is done, if the car runs better. Oh yeah, and a brand new radiator as well.
  16. OK. I'm trying to fond out the + side or - side of the combo engine I have.. 280ZX block 240Z head E88 OE cam Headers Anything special??? Why did the previous onwer told me I have a special engine???
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