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2.8L in 240Z


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I am going to look at a 72 240Z on eBay that apparently has a 1983 F54 2.8L and a 5 speed trans. Anyone have experiences (good or bad) with this configuration? Here is the link:


Thanks. Michael

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That is a good (and common) upgrade for early Zs and quite similar to what I did for my '73. In general, the later 5 speeds from the 81-83 ZX are considered more desirable as the 2nd and 3rd gear ratios are closer together. Also, check and see if the differential was swapped to change its ratio. Stock for a manual was 3.36, but with the 5 speed you'll want at least a 3.70 or 3.90. I went with a 4.11 since my engine makes its power above 3k rpm. Given this car has triple weber DCOEs and a schneider cam, it will likely not have as much torque at low revs, so a higher ratio for the diff helps get the engine into its power band sooner.

What's the asking price?

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I had an opportunity to look this car over about a year ago. I was very impressed with it. It is a very well done restoration and shows really well. The seller is a great guy and won't steer you wrong. JeffG78 can tell you more about this one. He was the previous owner.

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Ah yes, that's my old Z! Glenn did a great job with the restoration. The car is very clean and started as a rust free AZ car. I have no idea what he hopes to get out of it, but I assume it is quite a bit higher than the current bid. I know he hates to sell it. Since he has to sell it, I would hope that it stays local. It is probably the nicest 240Z in SE Michigan. I haven't gotten together with him this year, but he had it running very well last year. Like he said in the ad, it costs WAY more to restore a car than it does to buy a finished one.

Michael, you must be right around the corner from me - I'm in Northville.

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