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Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432


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On 21/07/2017 at 0:49 AM, kats said:

Hi Jason240z, did you have a coffee with Alan in London? I wish I could be there !!

And also thank you for the information of a engineering shop in your city, it is nice to know.


Hi Kats,  Yes I did.  Its always good to talk about cars and have a coffee/beer.

I've got some spindle pins being made, when I go to collect I'll show the shop the video's and can ask if they'd be interested in making a small batch if you'd like?

Lovely to hear the twin idler gear.  its a great noise.

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Thanks Kats. I don't think I'm qualified to make real ones though. Material selection (for real), heat treating, plating... Those are the difficult parts for me.   :)

If I get a few more moments, I'll test the other (less likely) retention theories I mentioned before. I'm sure I can come up with an internal hidden retention pin, but the one I'm really curious about is the differential temperature assembly. That would be really neat if I could get that to work!

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Hi Kats, Here's another concept for the lug nuts. I don't think this is what they did (I think they forged it into place), but if you really want to completely hide the retaining feature to confuse your competition, here's one way I came up with to do that. Again, since this is proof of concept only, I took shortcuts. Most noticeably, I did not make a tapered ring this time, but instead just used a simple cylindrical collar as it was much easier and does not affect the viability of the test.

I cut a groove on the inside of the collar and drilled two holes through the "nut" body:

I then pressed two small pins into the body:

I pressed the pins flush with the outside diameter of the body:

The lengths of the pins are such that when pressed flush with the outside, they protrude into the inner portion of the body:

I made a mandrel a few thousandths smaller than the ID of the nut body and tapered it on the end. I used a portion of an old bolt because it has a quality heat treat of at least grade 8.8:

While the pins are flush with the outside, slip the collar over the body, put the mandrel in place, and press the mandrel into the part on the arbor press. When you do this, it forces the two small pins outward and they catch the groove in the collar:

Thread the ID and you've got a retained collar with no externally visible retaining feature:

I still think they forged it, but it was nice to see this more elegant method work.  :)

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If you start videoing your bits soak those crocodile fingertips in some Palmolive, Madge and use youtube, Richard, not photo****it. ROFL

We would all benefit from your meticulous work. Sharing is proof you missed your calling, TEACHING!  You would and are the best ever, you and Blue.

I'm playing around now.  Been working in the heat and a few beers is like intravenously shooting it straight in. LOL

Nothing intentional, you're my Andy and I'm Barney. 


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Hi Jason240z , I miss London, I have not visited almost a year. And here is another engine. Which one do you like ? I saw this OS Giken TC two days ago at Glion museum where my Zs are displayed.


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