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Florida Z


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Engine bay looks to have been painted with a brush and the paint is falling off, I think that's why it looks like it burned.

But that roof and hatch is what would scare me away.... what a POS that is. If the roof and hatch have rusted through like that, what's the underside look like??:cross-eye :sick:

He'd be lucky to sell that for more than 500 bucks....I'd be afraid to twist the chassis putting it on a trailer with a roof that looks like that, car is liable to end up bent in a V.....

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you guys are hilarious. quit focusing on one thing and look at the sum of the whole equation.

lets start with the motor.

Engine rebuilt with new bearings, piston, rings, valves and valve springs.

piston kit out of VB 499.99

Main bearings 100.00

rod bearings 100.00

valve springs 90.00

valves - 7.95 X 6 (47.70) intake

9.95 X 6 (59.70) exhaust

you're at a grand right there in just those parts for the motor. To finish the rest of the motor, you still need gaskets, take into consideration any machine work that had to be done, oil pump, water pump, pickup screen, timing chain kit, etc, etc. and the guy atleast did the fenders and hood as well as rebuilt the transmission.

While some of you may balk at his price and call the car a POS, this is something I wouldn't walk away from. For 2500.00 you could potentially walk away with a squeeky clean fresh motor and trans ready for the next project. If the motor and trans work was done right, its well worth the money. As for the car itself, come on guys.....you have seen the pictures. I have owned worse than that :classic:

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For the same price, I'll take the driveable car that might need minor work....It could take almost your initial investment in the car just to get the chassis to where it would support the weight of the rebuilt engine, plus, you might have to buy another parts car to "donate" it's roof to the cause.

With the condition that roof is in, and not knowing how long that car may have sat out in the weather like that, the chassis could end up looking like your yellow car Kevin, and we all know what happened with that one don't we?:devious:

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