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  1. doesn't look to bad being an east coast guy. I've saved worse.
  2. include some pics of the underneath of the vehicle as well as the battery well and the frame rails. mother nature loves to claim these vehicles. she looks rather clean but the deal breaker isn't necessarily the automatic trans. If it's a solid car folks will jump on it.
  3. I've got a box of clocks that I am going to go through. Awesome thread!
  4. Rossiz here is a link to a 77 page manual for the L jetronic fuel injection system used in the 280Z. The manual is for the 75 but later years aren't much different at all. While the fuel injection can seem intimidating this manual should make things a little more clear for you. I printed it out and keep it on the shelf in a binder and reference it rather frequently if a problem arises. Hope this helps. Regards, Kevin http://www.4moores.com/280z/files/280zfuelinjectionbook.pdf
  5. You're a little over an hour away from me so that's not bad, and in addition to this site feel free to drop me a line if you run into any problems. I currently own 2 280's and 2 260's but have had 14 of these cars over the years. Also there's a Z club that meets in bridgewater. The New Jersey Z Car Club - Home Page good group of guys over there. Regards Kevin
  6. Forch77..where in jersey are yah? I'm in northern NJ near the gap...Nice score and welcome to the Z. Regards...Kevin
  7. Certainly I agree that's a good platform although I agree with others comments regarding the frame rail section under the battery. Be sure to crawl around underneath and inspect rails for cancer and pay attention to where the T/C rods mount and front sway bar mounting positions. Otherwise that is a good score and congrats to saving another one. Welcome to the site! regards Kevin
  8. hr369 ....That didn't quite happen. They ended up getting married and now currently have two kids. I see his band still plays out now and again. Seems to have worked out for everyone in the long run but yes that was certainly a life lesson indeed.
  9. Wow this was an old thread to come across =). Oddly enough after reading it again I am still in the same house, not only still have the car.....but 3 others (2 74's one early and one late...and a 78) and a large cache of parts, 18 motorcycles and 6 snowmobiles. I've been with my current lady now over 8 years now. My does time fly!
  10. alright we're logging in and the dust has settled. We'll give a brief synopsis of things to date. In addition to being a Z car collector and enthusiast I am also a vintage snowmobile guy and motorcycle collector. with 22 bikes and 6 sleds in the herd it's alot to keep up with. Hopefully everyone had a wonderful holiday and splendid and safe new year!! Living in NW Jersey we don't get alot of snow anymore. We got dumped on so I was ready to enjoy the white gold. All of my sleds were prepped and ready to go a month ago. I go through this ritual every year. 1 out of 5 wanted to start. The one wi
  11. guys, I started pulling stuff for your requests and will take some photos for your review however I have the holiday guests rolling in here so it will be probably be sunday to get these up. I'm getting $^!# for being in the shop . Merry christmas and I wish everyone a very safe and happy holiday!!! May the Z be with you =)
  12. alright guys. Just getting in from work and made a list of the things you are requesting. Gotta bounce between attic, basement and outbuilding number 2 to see what condition things are in. however off of the top of my head grantf.....Yes I do have these. I need to check on their condition. Are yours missing or are you looking for nicer upgrades? These tend to get pretty beat up. padam07...Yes I do have some interior bits in black. I'll put them on the list to check when I am in the interior section. I have butterscotch as well. esmit08...lower valance I know I have atleast three of these. st
  13. PM's have been replied to. Seems other folks have things to barter. That's awesome! Let's all help each other out and spread the parts around!
  14. Let's see....Red interior I don't have......I got rid of that last year from a 73 240..Butterscoth I have 3 full interiors coupe and 1 2+2. Any 2+2 guys?? Mint back seats!! Black only though. Door scuff panels yes. Early or late. Early have datsun stamped on them. Late do not. I have both. fuse box/ash tray cover...that's possible considering I have one 240 dash left...that's a box to check in the attic. Automatic converting to manual please chime in. I have MANY pedal clusters!
  15. Alright guys. I guess I could scour the boards to see if I can meet peoples needs but that is time way too time consuming. I probably have 14 Z cars in my house in parts alone not to mention the addition to the 4 in the shop. Of the cars I have parted out, I saved everything that was useable because well, I hoarded it. Someone will need it. Maybe me was my thoughts since I wasn't sure where I was going with the Zthing. I've been into the cars for 19 years now. If there is an interest from fellow club members on parts I will be happy to go through what I have and make a list of what is avail
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