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  1. Would you work for $30-60 a day? Really?
  2. Have you talked to Micheal at Sunwest Motors? He's in Ventura on Palma Dr. and may be the same guy esmit208 is refering too. If you'd like to give him a call, his number is 805-644-9644. I live in Ventura and have had him as my ONLY Z mechanic for 22 years. By the way, if you're in a BIG hurry you'd better let him know in advance because he likes to take his time and do the job right. I've never had to return my car to him for not fixing it the first time. He's that good. Tell him Rob refered you to him.
  3. "Even an analysis by the EPA found that current ethanol production techniques actually result in higher emissions of greenhouse gases than refining and burning ordinary gasoline." The full story here: http://reason.com/archives/2010/11/16/congress-let-ethanol-subsidies
  4. I agree, although I'd really like to hear them all the way up through the rev range.
  5. A white GT-R would fill them out nicely!
  6. She must have only had Vegas and Yugos, aside from the Pinto.
  7. Try not to feel bad. Life is like a bell curve. We're born clueless, gain wisdom as we experience life, then gradually lose it all as we age. So therefore you and I have an excuse!
  8. E-I'm having a senior moment that's causing me to wonder what an "OP" is. Can you splain please? Thanks, Rob
  9. It also appears to have the switches for the optional remote adjustable mirrors.
  10. This gal's got a lot of guts to drive 120 MPH in a car of that vintage! Maybe she was mad at one of her "unfaithful" husbands at the time.
  11. What better way to treat yourself than with a beautiful 240Z! Happy birthday Dave!! After watching your video I'm envious. It sounds so good.
  12. So much for being a "Gentleman":mad: He sounds like a "User"! Hang in there, someone will see the good value in your Z and buy it.
  13. Well, the SEATS are from Arizona. I can tell by the Southwest motif inserts!
  14. Thanks spitz. I guess we can't drink and drive, now can we!
  15. I thought these roads would be a blast to drive in the Z. http://matadortrips.com/photo-essay-the-worlds-most-spectacular-roads-vol-2
  16. Are you talking about this picture? If so, you're looking toward back of the car at the taillight cover panel, not the dash.
  17. This happens to me after washing my car and it sits after a day or two with the parking brake on. After releasing the parking brake and finding it stuck, I've simply put it in gear and broke it loose. This hasn't caused any damage so far. :paranoid:
  18. Live in it. I also agree with sblake01.
  19. Here's one place that has a sliding showcase lock like that: http://www.antiquedealersupply.com/browseproducts/Showcase-Locks.html
  20. Hi , I found what is probably what you're looking for, in the 76 FSM. It's called the 'Instrument Panel Under Cover' as described on page BF-28. I realize this is out of the 76 280z FSM, but I'm pretty sure this applies to your year model because my 78 had this piece, where my 75 doesn't. I've attached the jpg for your use.
  21. Absolutely beautiful! I would be proud enough to encase those and mount them on my office wall!
  22. My worst car was an ’85 Lincoln Mark VII LSC. A beautiful car, but EVIL! Before I picked it up brand new from the dealer, some lot jockey dented the door and they had to repair it. In the seven years I owned it, the car went through four sets of front rotors, two timing chains, a complete set of engine gaskets, the radio, two computers, thermostat and radiator, outside rear view mirror, multiple engine sensors, window control switches, load leveler failure, brake failure twice, and loss of all systems (lights, engine, brakes, pneumatic suspension, and power steering) while driving three car pool buddies to work an hour before dawn on the coast highway between Ventura and Carpenteria (absolutely dark!). We traded it in at a dealership where my wife worked. Two weeks later the general manager told her a perspective buyer of our trade-in drove it home to show his wife, and brought her out to see that it was on fire. My wife also had a new ’79 Mustang that fried all the dashboard wiring two weeks after she bought it. Gotta love old Fords!
  23. I need a wrinkle free body!:laugh: 18-24 year old, muscular build preferred. All kidding aside. If you wouldn't mind having one shipped from California, let me know. I have a Datsun mechanic friend who might have one or two he's used as parts cars. Good luck. Rob
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