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  1. i have lived this a few times and I would guess the points , or possibly a loose wire somewhere , if you tested the plug cables and they are of good quality then you can narrow it down closer to the distributor , make the assumption that every 40-45 year old electrical connection is bad till you test or redo to prove otherwise , very odd that you would have the issue with the zx unit, as mentioned before back to basics and just take your time
  2. congrats , one of mine started in a very similar fashion even that same 70s sunroof
  3. wow 4k i would say there could be some surprises lurking in there and i would say if if the car was truly a 79k mile car why repaint it or why wouldn't it be in a garage most of its life , i got 20 bucks on 179k
  4. Vicky our thoughts and prays are with you and your family. Sadly only met him once at Z fest. Way too young at 43.
  5. Finally bumpers on
  6. I think its a very nice car , flawless no but for it being in the NE I think the price isn't all that bad. If it was in the west coast I am sure it would be a 7k car , I also would want more specific pics as well. But overall not bad.
  7. I am finally at the point of must sell, life as well as space kinda has put this on me as well as my 71 being done. I have the car listed on the classfied section , thank you ,hope she gets to someone that wants to save her.
  8. Welcome and congrats on your purchase, if you blew the tail lights can I assume you lost the guage lights as well? Do check the backside of the fuse box for build up of corrosion, it tends to look green , fix this issue quickly if the fuse regularly blows, otherwise you can end up with a melted fuse box. In reguard to the carbs if the car is running a stock ignition system I would recommend upgrading to an electronic ignition, easier to start and keep right. I would also seek a mechanic that has good expierence with webbers or other similar type of carbs <IE , a older jag , lambo , ferrari guys> , sometimes its can be expensive but often a bit more up front for someone who knows how to do them right saves money upfront. Some pics of the engine bay might help as well . Good Luck
  9. seerex

    New Paint

    Just back from her first drive in her fresh new paint , what a wonderful ride.
  10. seerex

    78 280z wont run

    Have you replaced the fuel filter?
  11. Obewon, this guy is gonna put you in a great position to barter or trade for everything you need to do several restores, by the way welcome to the club.
  12. Just back from paint now putting her back together
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