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Datsun L26 engine w/ 280zx 5spd Close ratio

   (0 reviews)

Datsun L26 engine w/ 280zx 5spd Close ratio

   (0 reviews)


  • Price $6,200
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L26 Engine with 280zx 5speed

If interested, please call Ken 32one96one208five, if it’s here it’s available, I won’t reply to is it available, please call.

L26 Block Serial # 012123
E88 Head
+/- 70000 original miles
280zx close ratio 5 speed

All parts are from my 240Z series 1 parts collection. The engine and transmission were purchased in the late 90’s by my Father from another Z enthusiast after the car was T-boned. Before it was wrecked it was a very nice low mileage 260z. I have kept this as a back up engine for my 240Z. I’ve recently had my original engine rebuilt and have decided to let this one go. It’s been lubricated on a monthly basis since it’s been out of the car. It was inspected years ago, everything looked good, so I meticulously restored everything to better than new with the intent of putting it in my 240Z. Please see below the extensive list of parts.

1983 Datsun 280ZX Close Ratio 5 Speed 
Center Force Performance clutch 
New Competition Clutch Lightweight Flywheel 
New clutch slave cylinder 
NOS Clutch Fork
New throw out bearing 
New clutch fork rubber boot
New gear shift bushings 
New gear shift boot
New Reverse Sensor 
New Transmission Mount Insulator
New Seals

1974 L26 Engine
All stainless bolts
Reman’d starter
New Fuel pump
New aluminum fuel pump spacer
New Alternator 
New fan clutch 
New oil pressure sending unit
New Temperature Sending unit
New Oil Temperature Sending unit
New Nissan motor mounts
New Nissan hoses
New hose clamps 
New gaskets and seals 
New NGK plug wires
New NGK R spark plugs
New water pump (cast impeller)
New Nissan Air Filter 
New K&N oil Filter 
New Oil Pump
New 260z Stainless Heat Shield
New distributor cap, rotor, points and condenser 
New Plug wire holders and mounts
NOS Carb Spacers and Gaskets
NOS Distributor Pedestal 
Reman’d Alternator 
Hitachi SU 4 screw round top carbs(Rebuilt)
Series 1 fan
Series 1 Oil filler cap
Chrome Accel Super Stock Coil
Polished engine lift hooks

Powder Coated Parts 
Nissan Blue-
Alternator Bracket
A/C pulley

Air Cleaner 

Harmonic Balancer
Motor mount brackets
Oil Pan
Transmission Mount
Lower Alternator Bracket

Timing Inspection cover
Water Pump Pulley
Coolant line bypass pipe
Coolant Heater Hose T

Valve Cover (cleared)
E46 Intakes (cleared)
Balance Tube (cleared)
Rear Engine/Transmission Plate 
Coolant inlet 
Thermostat housing outlet 
Thermostat housing neck
Timing Chain Cover

Cerakote Titanium Silver-(Ceramic)
Vintage 70’s 6/2 header

No guarantee, No warranty, sold as is, no refunds, no returns

The NOS and restored parts alone are worth more than I’m asking.


Dahlonega, Georgia - United States

Recommended Questions

It is a small market, 260Z's with a blown engine are the possible customers.

No offence to DADSONZ but it's still a used L26, the new parts are great to have but if you are going to install a non original engine then I think most would go for an L28.

Still, it's a nice package and convenient for the right guy.

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