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Beautiful 1984 Nissan 300ZX project – Barn Find! $3000

   (0 reviews)

Beautiful 1984 Nissan 300ZX project – Barn Find! $3000

   (0 reviews)


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Beautiful 1984 Nissan 300ZX project – Barn Find! $3000

1984 Nissan 300ZX, 2 door hatchback. No dents, NO RUST! Not run since 2014. 162,000 miles.

Grandma loved this car, but in 2013or 2014 she decided to stop driving and put it in the garage. There it has rested. She finally agrees to let it go. Grandpa took the best care of it. She bought it about 1993, and has been the only driver of it. The last 18 years it was driven gently (like a Grandma) on low traffic country roads, never hot-rodded.

Was running when parked, but you all know what it takes to bring a 10 year parked car back to life. Or, what a great starting point for something really special.

Clear title, but registration expired in 2014.

Absolutely no rust, California and Oregon car, has never seen snow or salt.

Body and interior in great shape.

Automatic, with overdrive. Not turbocharged model.

Has the talking feature, she loved to hear “Your door is ajar” from it.

Includes factory shop manual

Offering for $3000, cash only. Also putting ads on Z Car forums, eBay and Craigslist, act quickly!

Sold As Is, Where Is. 40 miles SW of Portland OR. In Yamhill OR.

If you need a bill of sale, bring the form you need and we can have her complete it.

I can help you load it onto your trailer. If you need it shipped, you would have to make your own arrangements.

I could trailer it within a few hundred miles, for costs and gas.

ALSO! Note from background of pictures. Grandpa’s 1990 300ZX, also parked since about 2019 when his health began to fail. Not as pretty, but a whole lot faster. Available as well for $3000, or take the pair home for $5000. I will be running a second ad for this one, again, hurry!

David Lombrozo






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Yamhill, Oregon - United States

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( "your" car has 4 the same numbers on them, go check it!)

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