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240Z Parts Collection - FREE

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240Z Parts Collection - FREE

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240Z parts collection:

FREE to good 240Z home.

Conditions of transfer:

          First committed pickup gets it all.

          You Come and Get It All.

          You take it ALL (including 240Z 2.4L engine long block).

Location: Ironwood, MI 49938


There is more stuff than actually listed.

Transmission and Differential mounts

2 Drive shafts (diff lengths)
VG Hood Latch Mechanism

Throttle mechanism rubber boot

VG Fuel pressure regulator w/gauge

(2) Shift Levers (Different shapes

Speedo cable

VG Transmission Cross Member w/new poly bushings

VG battery tray
Windshield Wiper Motor

L/R Windshield Washer Nozzles
E-brake cable
Different speedo gears

Repaired Original Windshield Washer tank

Passenger door glass
NEW windshield gasket -

Stainless Windshield trim surround

L/R Stainless Roof over door gutter trim

 (3) Rear Hatch Struts (all w/good extension tension)
One set of side marker (1-yellow/1-red) lights

Original front calipers and rotors
Larger Toyota calipers (for stock rotors)

NEW Wilwood Brake Rotors

One cast iron rear brake drum

Set of 4 NEW 280Z rear brake shoes

L/R Front disk dust shields

(2) Tokiko strut inserts (used) -
Steering rack and pinion -
Rear Suspension - Front Cross member
Right Front lower suspension arm w/ball joint and tension bar

Batch of many Sway Bar Bushings and End Links and bushings

Box of metric 240Z-ish nuts, bolts, screws, misc small parts.

Front grill (dis-assembled)

Misc black carpeting and vinyl Trim -
Various Console lights & Switch wiring, Cig Lighter

Rear Parcel Tie down Straps (3 strap w/buckle sets, 1 strap no buckle)

Lower seat vinyl

Drivers Door Arm Rest

Gas Pedal rubber cover

A/C housings, condenser

1973 Datsun 240Z 2.4L long block - 89k original miles

Mild Cal Cams street cam for 240Z E88 head  -

Original Front Harmonic Dampener

(2) Starters

“Twice Pipes” Exhaust system

Various Distributors models (Points and Trans Ign) -

Accel Super Stack coil #8140 -

VG Fuel pressure regulator w/gauge

(2) Shift Levers (Different shapes

New water pump

Fan Clutch

2-piece fan shroud

Speedo cable -

(2) Alternators -


Ironwoood, Michigan - United States

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