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Datsun FS5W71B Close Ratio 5 Speed Transmission

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Datsun FS5W71B Close Ratio 5 Speed Transmission

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This FS5W71B 5 speed was removed three years ago from a low mileage 1983 280zx with its original engine. The transmission was full of oil and did not leak so the seals were left intact. When drained, the oil was in great condition and the magnetic drain plug had one shiny sliver of metal which appears to be casting flash (item #1 in the drain plug and dime pic) and two chips of magnet (items #2 and #3) stuck to it. These appear to be from the plug magnet itself- as seen in the picture that the edge of the plug magnet is missing a small piece. It shifts smoothly through all forward and reverse gears and has no friction spots or noises as the input shaft is spun by hand or drill in each gear. The input and output shaft gears themselves are also in mint condition. The aluminum case was cleaned with a nylon bristle brush and left in its unpainted original condition. The speedometer cable end is installed to protect the threads in transit.
This is the very hard to find 1983 Datsun close-ratio 5 speed transmission that was only installed in the last two years of the 280zx model-1982 and 1983. It fits S110, CA18ET (200SX), L20B, L16, L18, L24, L26, L28 and L28E engines as well as MGB's with the Rivergate conversion. The '82 and '83 models have the great overdrive 0.745 fifth gear which allows for a comfortable cruising RPM even with high rear end gears. 

I purchased this transmission three years ago for my '71 240z project but my build has taken a different direction and I no longer need it. Here is how to positively identify this transmission model:

1. The oval block off plate with two bolts on the drivers side which is the reverse lockout (prevents clipping reverse on 5-4 downshifts).

2. A single exhaust hanger tab on the tailshaft housing.

3. No dustcover where the tailshaft exits the housing.

4. The speedometer cable connector tab machine screw is on the bottom, not the top.

5. This transmission's shifter mount has the taller 'ears' (1983 only).

The good folks at California Datsun have made a video showing the differences here: https://youtu.be/UrdQZeh7GsU

The auction includes the transmission with the original shift lever and shift lever pin (taped to the shifter) and the lower transmission mount as shown in pictures. It will be shipped dry, wrapped and strapped to a small pallet.

Will also ship from Great Falls, Montana as we will be visiting there in the next few weeks.

Additional pictures are on the eBay ad.  https://ebay.us/Mq52kq

Dunmore, Alberta - Canada

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Curious to know more about your car!



My car #10714 is a very clean original California car imported to Canada by the fellow who sold it to me. He kept it in the garage for 7 years waiting for his son to be old enough to restore it with him. Turns out his son didn't care for cars. Bad for Dad, good for me.

It has solid floors, battery tray and spare tire well.  Stripping the whole car by hand revealed one repaint and minor fender benders on the DS quarter and PS front fender where the panels had some bondo over a small repair. It had the original driveline when purchased.

I drove it 190 miles with no issues to get it home.  Painful drive with the stock engine and a 4 speed!

I have a z32 5 speed transmission for it which is why I'm selling the FS5W71B in this ad. 

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Have you set a price?



The starting bid/reserve price on the auction is $832US which equals 1100 CAD.

I just updated the ad to note that I will also ship from Great Falls Montana if desired.  My wife and I are planning to visit Great Falls in the next few weeks and are happy to ship from there to save folks on shipping.

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