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240Z hood, right fender, metal headlight housings

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240Z hood, right fender, metal headlight housings

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All parts are OEM and in very good condition.  If you would like more pictures, I can get them for you.  

Hood: Came from a 1972 240z.  Acquired in 1993 from a car in Virginia.  Very straight, stored indoors since the mid 90's (Still Available)--> $300:

IMG_20200216_161227.jpg  IMG_20200216_161258.jpg  IMG_20200216_161325.jpg

IMG_20200216_161334.jpg  IMG_20200216_161343.jpg  IMG_20200216_161350.jpg

IMG_20200216_161405.jpg  IMG_20200216_161705.jpg  IMG_20200216_161711.jpg

IMG_20200216_161733.jpg  IMG_20200216_161747.jpg   IMG_20200216_161932.jpg

IMG_20200216_161943.jpg  IMG_20200216_161957.jpg  IMG_20200216_162008.jpg

IMG_20200216_162016.jpg  IMG_20200216_162023.jpg  IMG_20200216_162035.jpg

IMG_20200216_162041.jpg  IMG_20200216_162054.jpg  IMG_20200216_162104.jpg




Fender (from AZ/CO area): pics of the fender after sandblasting the lower corner.  One or two pin holes and some very minor rust pitting, but otherwise this is very nice.  A fender like this saves you lots of time on body work prep instead of one you have to section in new metal, do metal work, etc.

--> $250 plus shipping ****SOLD

IMG_20190210_150113.jpg  IMG_20190210_150127.jpg  IMG_20190210_150214.jpg  

IMG_20190210_150314.jpg  IMG_20190210_150220.jpg  IMG_20180910_220612.jpg

IMG_20180910_220555.jpg  IMG_20180910_220607.jpg

Headlight housings (metal, both left and right from AZ/CO area), all threads are in excellent condition - nice - rust free: 

--> $80 each  **** SOLD







Marietta, Georgia - United States

Recommended Questions

Hi Garrett

Interested in the hood.   What year is it from?  Maybe a picture of the underside.

Thank You

Steve Englund      612-803-3150



Hi Steve.  It came from a 1972 240z.  I will get a bunch of pics for you and post them up.  


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Hi Garrett

Thanks for the pictures.  I would like to buy the hood.  Have to work out the logistics (have a brother in  Marietta)

Will get back to you tomorrow.



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