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  1. 240z Radio Knobs

    @JSM @nix240z Steve Nixon makes excellent reproduction knobs. http://www.240zrubberparts.com/apps/webstore/products/show/4425143 www.240zrubberparts.com
  2. SUs and pumps

    Confirmed by an alternate source: Page 24 in How to Rebuild Your Nissan/Datsun OHC Engine by Tom Monroe states -- Torque the cam-sprocket bolt 86-116 ft-lb (12-16 kg-m).
  3. SUs and pumps

    @Richard McDonel Glad to help and find that the issue is resolved for you Richard! Those Kyosan Denki mechanical pumps are very rugged and reliable---it just made no sense that one would go bad after sitting in a box and then only being run for 20 minutes or so. No--there's a story behind this------ Carl Stahlnecker (Bambikiller) was a respected member of this forum many years ago before his shockingly sudden death. I still dearly miss Carl. His numerous posts were among the most informative I have ever read. Carl really knew his stuff about Z cars and was always very helpful, but often opinionated and direct. His screen name--- Bambikiller--- came after an incident between his 240z and a deer. I ran over a frog one rainy night in my 240z and lamented the poor amphibian's demise. In homage to Carl I suppose, I chose "Frogsquisher" as an adjunct to my screen name Zup.
  4. SUs and pumps

    I'm no expert either but a new fuel pump should not "go bad". Some thoughts-- You mentioned the engine is a rebuild---did you do the work of re-assembly? Double check your eccentric on the end of the camshaft. Make sure it is securely tightened by the camshaft bolt. The eccentric is what gives the fuel pump lever arm its pumping action. Make sure the fuel pump lever arm is riding on the eccentric when you have the pump installed.
  5. @kats @Mike B Finally pulled out my wheel chocks from storage. Here's what I found in the 2 sets that I remembered having. 9K and OD neither have punched markings Found one jack.Still looking for the other jacks------buried in a box somewhere-------
  6. Stroker 3.1

    WOW!!! Totally agree!!
  7. '72 $3,000

    @Terrapin Z
  8. Ideas needed for Striker Plate

    Hey Steve-- Drill and put in a thread-sert or helicoil. Least invasive way of getting a new bite. Won't change the bolt size. A good friend had a very similar issue on a seat bolt attaching the seat rails to the floor through a hidden, inaccessible captive nut that was stripped. Worked like a charm. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00V8398AG/ref=sspa_dk_detail_3?psc=1 or equal--there are several makers of kits.
  9. Being a "4 spoke 'old school' fool" for wheels---- I had been intrigued for some time by this statement from Eric Neyerlin on his website: "This wheel (pn 40303-N3200) is the only OEM wheel that Nissan specifically produced for the 70-78 240Z-260Z-280Z (S30) models world wide. Nissan parts catalog shows a 4/73 production date for this design. Though common to most S30 models sold in Australia, Canada? and Europe this wheel was not offered stock on any US imported Z cars except for one year on the 1977 Black Pearl special edition model. Now, 46 years after the 240Z models were first introduction, this rare factory wheel is increasingly regarded as the the only true, period correct, vintage factory aluminum wheel to put on a meticulously restored S30 model, apart from original, model year correct, steel wheels and hub caps common to US models." Well---OK--- I'm in------- This is one of the set of 6 that I recently purchased. All of the wheels are in truly incredible condition, extremely clean inside and out and 4 of them are polished very well. I had a NOS set of center caps on hand from years ago that were destined for use on a set of "iron cross" wheels I owned at the time. The caps fit perfectly on these wheels and I've always liked the factory Nissan "acorn" style lug nuts with the captured washer. A substantial nut with positive fitment between the wheel and the lug. If the stated original production date of 4/73 is correct, then it is entirely conceivable that my 6/73 240Z could correctly have worn these in that same year. As period correct as I can get for this car and I don't have to risk losing my hubcaps-----been there and done that. I love the American Racing Equipment "Libre" rims currently on my car, but they are an American aftermarket rim. Seeing the "Nissan" stamp in the metal makes this "all right".
  10. 73 in Puyallup WA wrecking yard

    @Terrapin Z So sad to see my cars sibling in such condition. They are only 3 digits apart. Zilver's Vin is HLS30-167424
  11. Deja Vu: 1971 Restoration

    Rich, Emotion---not logic. Love---not money. You've set a new standard, beyond the honorable Mr.Wick Humble. Your documentation of this restoration is Z reference material for all time. Do the book. We will buy it.
  12. Welcome to CZZC @riverstonefly! Beautiful SC! Yep---your new prospective mistress will be a less costly lady to keep. There are quite a few Porche owners, some from this forum, that started out with Z cars. You are going the other way! It's a fact---- I've had more Porche owners come over to me at the gas pumps and start a pleasant conversation than any other car owners---another this past weekend----never had a Vette owner do that!
  13. Antenna Rebuild / Restore

    Workin' on it---baby steps and waiting.
  14. Antenna Rebuild / Restore

  15. Antenna Rebuild / Restore

    Beautiful work Jerry! I'm sure the owner will be very happy with your efforts and you should be proud of your workmanship. Steve's contribution with the needed rubber parts is invaluable. Now--- if we could just find a supplier to reproduce the antenna masts! First, I called Harada of America and spoke with a company representative about "re-producing" the masts. He knew of the antennas (an image of one is on their website) and allowed as how the company is still quite proud of them historically, as they were among the first retractable units. http://www.harada.com/en/innovation/history/1960.html#inner_contents He explained that a "reproduction" did not fit Harada's business model. A polite, but very firm "No." Then I sent a PM to Kats requesting he contact Harada in Japan---which he did and he posted the result. Another dead end. Contact with the right small Asian manufacturer of these telescoping tube mast assemblies could result in a reproduction that is exact and affordable.