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    • Datsun 240Z
      By: JLPurcell · 01/23/2017
      I have a question on front fender bolts. The bolts next to the hood on the upper fender. Are these specialty bolts. I know that they are 6X10mm, but I have been told that the heads are thinner than standard. Is this correct? Source? I need a set for my 72 Z.   
    • Audi S5
      By: jensend · 01/08/2017
      Thanks!  Yes, the S series is a sportier version of the A series. Pretty quick with a supercharged V6. I think all around its a super nice car from interior to exterior. But it's still pretty mild mannered in my opinion. The RS series is Audis  most high performance version of whatever model your considering. The RS5 would be the high performance version of my S5. 
    • Audi S5
      By: Mike · 01/07/2017
      Wow, another neat car in your garage!  The Audi brand has always been something I've considered, comparison with the BMW.  The S-series seems to be similar to the M-brand on a regular BMW.  Is the R-series their full race version (similar to the BMW full M car) ?
    • Acura NSX
      By: Mike · 01/07/2017
      Yea, my Z still hangs out everywhere I go, but, I've been looking for a fun daily driver fun car for awhile.  Right now I have a SUV which is very anticlimactic.
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