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  1. Beetween the seat and the seat hinges.
  2. Hi Mike, Oslo is just 30min away, and the airport just 10min. I`ll be happy to meet you :-)
  3. Hi Carl, You can get Freia chocolate anywhere in Norway, (glad you liked it :-) ) i Welcome you !! Terje
  4. Some pictures from last week roadtrip with some of my good friends, perfect weather on spectacular roads.
  5. http://bringatrailer.com/listing/1973-datsun-240z-scarab/
  6. Mine just arrived, first impression, they look very nice and correct. I ordered mine black w/ black stitching. Gonna do the reupholstry during the next months while the car is parked for the Winter.
  7. Hei Guys, To get some more comfort when driving i am considering to get leather seats in my car, so far i have found these two alternatives: http://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/classic08f03/40-2700 https://www.interior-innovations.com/index.php/welcome/product_detail/41 (same as Ridiescom on Ebay? ) Does any of you have an experience with one or both of the above ? Should i go for new molded foam inserts as well ? Best Regards Terje
  8. Nice sunday ride for a photoshoot .
  9. Topz

    Toy Department?

    Had to make one og mine as well
  10. Thank you for your info Jim, i will make him a call to see if he has the time and opportunity to show me his collection. Best regards Terje
  11. Wow...is it just to "drop" by? I see why you call it Z Mecca:-) I actually saw one of his cars up at Tavares last saturday, a 71 240z gold, automatic, newly restored.
  12. Hi, Still have tomorrow until i go back to Norway saturday evening. So..is there any place to go/visit to see some classic z-cars. I am in Kissimee, have a rented car so that i can get around if there is anything of interest to see. Best regard Terje
  13. Actually i will :-) but without my car.... Spending some days in the Orlando area that weekend, so this i will look forward to
  14. Cars and Coffee in Oslo yesterday, only my Z, but would like to share the pics anyway
  15. Had some ignition issues this summer, so this evening it was up for a major tuneup. Fuelfilter, airfilter, sparkplugs, sparkwires, distributor cap and rotor. Now the car runs perfect again :-)
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