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  1. well i ended up buying it, texas car ended up being rust free on the underside, almost no rust on the car in general, few whisky dings but nothing too major, fuel cell was empty so i won’t have to clean that, the wiring seems basic and shouldn’t be too bad, once it’s running and driving it should be down to paint body and upgrades. no damage on frame rails and no rust in the place you were telling me about. will update y’all when i get it running, thanks for the help!
  2. Howdy y'all, i'm new to this forum so my apologies if this isn't the right place to ask this. I have a current daily driver (2008 Toyota tundra) and I'm finishing up my first project car (free 1998 ford expedition) so naturally being around hot rods all the time I'm looking for another project car. I've loved these Z cars for a long time and i love v8s. i found a 1980 280 ZX with a chevy 350 swapped in (i know these engines like the back of my hand) that I'm going to look at this Sunday. I know how to check engine trans ect. but is there some things that are Z specific to look out for? i know around the windshield, battery, rear hatch and spare tire are common rust spots, are there any places that are super concerning? I'll try to upload some pictures, cosmetically its not great and needs some wiring but i've started with worse before... Thanks! -Jackson Householder Preview attachment IMG_1457.PNG Preview attachment IMG_1458.PNG IMG_1458.PNG 4.9 MB Preview attaPreview attachment IMG_1460.PNG Preview attachment IMG_1463.PNG IMG_1463.PNG 2.9 MB IMG_1460.PNG 3.8 MB chment IMG_1459.PNG IMG_1459.PNG 3.6 MB IMG_1457.PNG 4.4 MB