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  1. Rota RB-R Mags: 17x8.5 front - 17x9.5 back
  2. Here are three more photos of the car...
  3. ZIII, is that a group 34 battery? Dave
  4. It is. I just did a PhotoShop mod to visualize what my end result would be. Here's the final look. 1970-1974 Nissan 240/260Z Air Dam SKU: K020020 ordered direct from Kaminari. http://www.kaminari.com/nissan-240z-260z-air-dam-frp
  5. I bought my Air Dam from Kaminari directly. The original wheels at the top are Boyd Coddington 'Tuned' wheels. Custom wheels and they run $430 to 550 a wheel. Dave
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