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  1. You want $6K for this? I'll talk to the boss (my wife), if I can convince her, I'll buy it. I'm in NJ. I've owned a few Z's in my life time and I want another. I currently have a 1984 Ferrari 308 and a 1966 Jag E-Type, so understand it will be a hard sell, but for this price I'm willing to bite the bullet. Give me a few and I'll revert.
  2. A car is worth what someone will pay for it. I had a hard time getting $5,000 for mine about 10 years ago, and I thought it was worth more than that!
  3. I'll be the dissenting vote - sell it here. BaT is a pain in the neck. GLWS, it looks very nice. I'm slowly prepping to get back into a Z, this one is too original for me, but I love them. My first Z was a '76 280, what a great car.
  4. I'm getting the itch to purchase another Z, DSI will be on my speed dial for some engine work!
  5. It's cool but something about it doesn't sit well with me. I prefer Bizek and JDM Legends, but they also do the JDM oversized flares with exposed rivets, I just don't dig that look. Different strokes, I suppose.
  6. To me these look better on the 240/260/280 than they do on the 280ZX models.
  7. What happened to Bryan Little's site / Datsun Z Garage? Can't access it any longer Good thing I printed all the pages, have it somewhere in my mounds of junk. Been a while since I've been here, but every so often, I get the bug. I'd love a car that looks like Diseazd's (really all of his and father's - great 510 and some killer Z cars), but being on a budget a 3.1 stroker isn't in the cards. Playing around with Z cars my entire driving age life (with some gaps in between, but always reading) tells me there's a lot to get from the mix / match route a la Bryan Little. Digging deeper, I think a budget builder looking for a N/A L28 build could probably get away with leaving the lower parts / block alone. So with the right carburetion and exhaust, I would think head work is where the focus should be (IIRC, the Honsowetz book spends a good amount of time on the head). Sunbelt came and went - does anyone build a nice street performance head that is optimized for a stock lower end?
  8. Same car! Glad to see he posted here, he mentioned that he was on a Z site. I was worried it wasn't this one (small world).
  9. Car is not in NJ, but it's not in a Z friendly environment. On topic of what I would by - I'm not necessarily a collector, but I do like desirable and/or quirky cars that are on the tail end of the depreciation scale. I'm all about jumping on something if I see value. I've owned quite a few Z's over 30 years, and worked on them since I'm in HS, I'm no stranger to them. It's been about 10 years since I owned one, I sold my '72 to help pay for work on my '66 Jaguar E-Type (which I still own), then I added a Ferrari 308. Both cars were on the bottom of the depreciation scale, so while I didn't buy them for an investment, I knew I wouldn't lose on either - and I was right. So on what's right for me, this car is right up my alley. My preference for LHD is more about the driving - most Americans would prefer LHD, but the car being RHD does intrigue me as it is a JDM car. The owner knows Z's (I wasn't sure he knew), and he's struggling over selling it. It will take some coaxing, but I did let him know I'm a bit of a tire kicker, semi-serious. I told him I'm happy to broker a deal if he preferred, because I don't want to jerk him around. It's somewhat of a barn find (although in good condition - maybe more of a 3 than a 4), which also intrigues me. Low miles - less than 20,000 - as it has mostly sat. It runs, has some dings, but no major rust. Interior is nice, mild tear on the driver's seat.
  10. Thanks - I figured they wouldn't command much more of a premium, and honestly, I'd prefer a LHD, but it is kind of neat. I'll check Hagerty and offer the guy whatever the current value is...see what he says.
  11. So you are qualifying me now? Jesus - can someone with a brain give me a value on a 1972 RHD Fairlady Z, condition 4 out of 5? This used to be a helpful site, a lot has changed since I moved on to a Ferrari.
  12. Did you read my post? Low miles, looks to have been refreshed but not used much. I guess tools like Hagerty's valuation tool is worthless, since it's sight unseen? Call it a condition 4 out of 5 - what's the estimated value?
  13. Dude - really? I don't have pics - just need a general value.
  14. Been a while since I've been here (again) - I have a potential bead on a 1972 Fairlady Z RHD, in nice shape. Low miles, looks to have been refreshed but not used much. I honestly have no idea of values, but I know there aren't a lot of RHD S30s in the states. What is the general feeling here? I'd love to get another Z, and this one looks really interesting to me.
  15. Understandable if he's not a Z owner any longer. Same happened with me - I sold my last Z and started spending a lot more time over at Ferrari Chat...but drop in here every so often to see what's going on!
  16. I took my '76 to college with me. It bit the dust commuting home from school one wet / snowy afternoon - I slid into a curb (in Newark NJ no less) HARD. It basically snapped the frame rail on the right front, so the wheel was more or less just hanging by the suspension bits. That was the end of her. Probably around 1989 or so...
  17. Nice! I also like the silver Jag XJS in the background, I have one of those too!! What is this, around 1986? I have a pic somewhere of me and my 1976 green 280Z from high school. Since the car was about 8-9 years old, it was still relatively hot...loved that car!!!
  18. I got very lucky when I purchased mine. It's not a show car, but a very nice driver worth a heck of a lot more than I paid for it (and I wasn't expecting that, either). It is very small, much smaller than people realize, and yes, the 240Z was very close - even more intimate I would say, but close.
  19. The decision to sell my 240Z was not taken lightly, and I have some seller's remorse over it. In time, I expect the Ferrari will probably go, I'll likely hold on to the E-Type for as long as I can. Both of my daughters have called dibs on the cars too!!!
  20. Yes! Is he still lurking here?
  21. I could give Mike some best practices gleaned from years over at Ferrari Chat, which is absolutely the best forum I've ever participated in. Founder / owner is very involved, makes good money from the site, and polices the classifieds with some good rules. FWIW
  22. A project 308 is a big project to undertake! But if it's been (relatively) cared for, they are quite reliable for Ferraris and MAN are they fun to drive. Diseaszd is the guy in Virginia with the cool Z's and 510's. I recalled Carl Beck after I posted, the guy in Washington (or Oregon) had a nice red / orange Z - good guy, moved on to a Porsche. I think he's still here as I saw his Porsche from visiting the site. Obviously Mike is still running the joint, also good to see!
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