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  1. Thanks for the ebay advice. Since I don't have alot of experience selling a car via the social media method, I am sorry to this group for the confusion. The car is still available
  2. The reason for my request for personal conversation is as follows: 1) what additional pictures does the potential buyer need 2) Understanding the car is in AZ 3) What maintenance documents would the potential buyer want to see 4) Etc
  3. Car is for sale and 15K. However, before I sell it to anyone we have to talk so that I can discuss what I know about the car so that everything is known and represented to a potential buyer.
  4. Zed Head, I have ran an engineering company for 20 Years, never cheated a customer nor made them jump thru hoops. Since I do not belong to a zcar club, I have had a very hard time pricing this car. I take all of this as a learning process. It has to be a deal where both parties are happy with the outcome.. I appreciate your comments as well as everyone else's ( both good and bad).
  5. Yes I want max value same as you would. Do I know about the car, yes, have I kept it up in condition yes and do I appreciate the Z name yes. But when life bites you (kids college) you have to make choices.
  6. MIke, You hit the nail on the head. I did not know the value of this car. However, the last thing is want is for someone to take it and put a v8 in it. I appreciate the members on this site.
  7. Not a scam however the interest in this car is very high so I will have to restart and put it out to the highest bidder based on inputs from this forum.
  8. I have a 1970 240XZ for Sale. Located in Scottsdale. I will send pictures if interested. Vin is HLS30-06026. Car has been garaged for its life. It is original condition including radio and ash tray. Runs great Blue interior Looking to get 8-9K for it.
  9. Charles, I will post with some pictures. Further research showed price should be around 8-9 k max. so hopefully someone will enjoy this car. Thanks again for your help.
  10. Thanks... I did and it comes out around 15K Thanks for your help.
  11. I have a 1970 240Z. Serial # is HLS30-06026. Never wrecked no rust, all original including paperwork. Any have an idea how much this is worth? I have an interested party but I do not know the price as I cannot find one anymore online. Yes I have pictures but it is in good condition. Thanks,
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