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  1. I'm almost ready to do another update assuming I can still contact Carl with the email address listed on zhome. Thanks for the contributions posted here. Jmark the pic is beautiful but I would need a larger one to include it in the gallery (sans watermark). michael
  2. http://classiczcars.com/forums/showpost.php?p=148860&postcount=12 I ordered a hardware set for the entire underside of the 240Z a few years back. It was a major pain in the butt. The spreadsheet in the link above shows the original part number, the replacement part number (some are NLA) and also tells you which number on which diagram it is in the parts CD. Don't expect to find anyone too interested in working with you at a Nissan parts store. Maybe you'll get lucky though, who knows. I got my kit from MidwestZ, no longer in existence. I still have a lot of those parts left over since I bought a lot of spares. THey are in properly labeled bags etc, brand new. If you're interested I could be persuaded to part with them. It would save you some work anyway.
  3. That's good to hear Carl. I immediately got an email from someone asking what happened to the paint code gallery (so people actually do look at it!) Anyway I was worried a cyber-squatter may have swooped in after it expired - they can offer the name back up for "sale" to you for tons of $$$ (happened to a friend of mine).
  4. The gallery was updated on 1/11/07. Only 3 more to go (304, 306, 362).
  5. I might if I had the all the info but I don't, nor do I have the literature in which to look it up. I discussed this a little with Alan a year or 2 ago and came to the conclusion that it's quite complicated and the info may not all be there. Plus to make it legit I'd need to find JDM examples of vehicles painted with those codes and to make it similar to the current page a set of japanese paint chips. I don't speak, type or read japanese so making those requests would be next to impossible. Plus I've had to make a lot of requests for pics and done a fair amount of searchign just to populate this gallery - and it's still not finished after several years of fiddling with it. Then what about the other markets?? I have a set of Datsun paint chips for Aus imports '71 and '72 but it doesn't specify model application. So to summarize, if I had all the info and pics it'd be a piece of cake and I'd probably go for it. One last thing, I think there's some chance that the codes I'm still missing (at this point 216, 304, 306, 362) were 2+2 options only. I don't know this for a fact but if true it could explain why I've had so much trouble finding them as there were less 2+2s built (or simply less desirable so owner's don't display them as much on the web). I know many car companies have certain sets of colors available for different body styles and nissan may have done this with the 280Zs.
  6. Sure I could probably do 3 or 4 of each without having to change the format of the page.
  7. I'm about ready to update the Datsun Z Paint Code Gallery on zhome.com http://zhome.com/History/ZColorGallary/index.html I still need 216 White, 304 Gold Metallic (may have one coming - waiting for email), 306 Silver Metallic, 362 Dark Purple Metallic, and 517 Beige - all 260Z/280Z colors. Better pics of ones already in the gallery are welcome too. Photos of Z's with original paint preferred but good resprays will work too. If you have one please attach it in this thread and I will add it with the other updates. THanks. Michael
  8. For the record his halted participation was only partly voluntary. He was banned from the site in late April of this year and his account was completely deactivated buy the admin of the site against his wishes. I was debating whether or not it would be appropriate to mention this here but there have been several hints that he deserted the site and I thought the situation should at least be partly clarified. It is a VERY long story, and impossible to tell here due to the active censorship of the admin. I'm personally getting a little tired of having all of my posts deleted so I think I'll sign off as well.
  9. This is very sad news indeed. Chris, thanks for bringing this to our attention and please let us know if you find out more. Carl really loved this site and Z's. He has been and will be missed. RIP Bambi
  10. SportZMagazine or RAZ1 - Please give us a description of the anticipated content of the new Nissan Sport magazine. From the name it obviously will focus on Nissan sports cars. That could mean many things. Would I be correct in assuming this will include the SX line, the "sporty" Sentras, Skylines, and possibly even vintage sports including Roadsters and race/souped up 510's and the like? (and of course the Z lineage obviously) What about performance SUVs (Xterra maybe I don't know)? And we won't see reviews for the 2007 Maxima and crap like that right? Will it also include ricer Altimas with coffee can exhaust pipes? A quick glance at the newstands will show that there's already plenty of that to go around. Anyway I would be much more interested in subscribing if you plan a fair amount of coverage of the vintage/classic Datsun sports cars, z cars and otherwise. Thanks Michael
  11. 26th Those aren't "before and after" shots are they? Is that 27 and 26 or have you really finished restoring 27? Just curious. oh and 350z33 - does they guy know what he's got or is he just wanting to get rid of a junker? If he doesn't know what it's worth your probing questions could give away it's value.
  12. That's usually the way it works. It's hard to get more than 1/2 back. I guess most could be put back to stock except the undercoating without completely stripping it again and depending on the materials you used for painting all of the sandblasted components and the body that could be an issue. Poly bushings, non-stock suspension components also would be a pain. It's doable but hell why buy one with all the upgrade non-stock parts if you want a stock car that's my point. Not much of a selling point once all the work has been done to change it.
  13. Why not? Much bigger audience than this site. Or try the autotrader website. IMO you're asking a lot for a modified refresh but who knows. Michael
  14. I'm still trying to figure out why there are 6 answers to a yes or no question. That's what I get when I ask my wife a yes or no question
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