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    2003 350Z Base model. Ordered 1/2/03 arrived 3/25/03. #14852 and plan to keep for the rest of my life.
  1. I noticed that once the US Zs came back from about an 8 year run, the early Zs were going up in prices. The current Z's popularity increased the popularity of the classic ones imo for a short while. Some dealerships had a brand new 350Z sitting next to a fully restored 240Z (not one of the few done by Nissan) and the Datsuns were carrying price tags as much as the 350s...
  2. Doesn't have a title, but it would make a fun project car if the chassis isn't rusted out.
  3. Here's a Fairlady Z in Japan if you want to get a feel for what prices over there could be: http://www.kaizousha.com/details.php?carid=364 Importation is not a problem. Any car over 25 years old doesn't need to meet EPA or DOT standards. You check off the first box in the HSV form and they release you right there. Shipping to Cali should be a couple thousand I think if you get onto a container with someone else. I've looked into something like this in the past, but the prices are way too high compared to here just for the steering wheel on the other side. I contacted that company in Japan if they have access to other ones for less. They can get more, but the prices in Japan are high like that. They seem to be pretty rare over there. This one on Ebay looks nice, but I think it will sell for over $20k easily.
  4. I guess the 350Z could be compared to a 911, but I don't see them that close performace wise stock-for-stock. The Z definitely has more aftermarket things out there to make it faster. I really like the 997 911 wouldn't mind having one. I know a former Z33 owner who now has an '05 997 Carrera and he says you can't compare the two. jmark, let me guess, you don't have side airbags on your 03 Z? I can tell because the number "1" in the last 6 digits is if you don't have side airbags. "0" is if you do. What build date was yours? Mine was 02/03 and is #14852.
  5. That one looks nice, but I bet it will sell for $1,000 if not more a week from now when the auction ends. I'm guessing there's no title since it says it's not street legal. Good parts car I suppose.
  6. Walter Moore, thanks for the link with the parts list. I've dealt with Courtesy before and they're a great place. I didn't post the pictures of the random parts since I didn't think it would really help much, but here they are at your request: http://img141.imageshack.us/img141/1022/10005466xa.jpg http://img141.imageshack.us/img141/8475/10005474zh.jpg http://img397.imageshack.us/img397/3015/10005493ro.jpg http://img397.imageshack.us/img397/4867/10005507qw.jpg The last couple pics are of some mods he was planning to install. That red intake is not the original either. He sold the original with a '73 he had. Edit: As you said, I don't really plan to get this car in 110% condition. I would like to use it as a driver and not feel guilty if i don't wash it after every drive. I would like to use as many of the original parts as possible so I guess a lot of rebuilding of parts will have to be done if not in good condition (I don't mind worn seat bolsters). Glad to hear you didn't give up on your project. I'm guessing it feels great to look at something you restored yourself!
  7. Glad to hear this car appears to be in good condition. I looked on zhome.com for rust prone spots and I'll be sure to ask for some of those pictures. zpizzaman20, I was afraid of hearing that the 69s were a lot more different parts-wise. The owner says he has all the parts except the carbs and intake. Hopefully the remaining parts are in good condition other than the cracked dash. By the way, which 69 Zs do you own if you don't mind saying? If I don't go through this purchase (unlikely so far), I will post up the info here. Chirs A, in regards to the price. What do you think a fair price would be for this since you mention I should ask for lower? One reason I'm hesitant is that I'm not familiar with pricing something like this and it comes with extras. His plans were to put in a V8, hence it's a basket case that he never got around to working on. It comes with a brand new Chevy V8, though, but it's 25 years old brand new. Edit: I'll also ask for the production month to verify it's from '69.
  8. Alright, here are the pictures of the underside of the Z. Honestly, I can't tell what I'm looking at in the majority of these pictures. http://img146.imageshack.us/img146/1024/10005600eh.jpg http://img155.imageshack.us/img155/7744/10005610uv.jpg http://img98.imageshack.us/img98/5492/10005624fi.jpg The hole is for the shifter. http://img89.imageshack.us/img89/2738/10005632hp.jpg I don't know where this hole is. He said it's where a grommet is missing. http://img98.imageshack.us/img98/7073/10005642ho.jpg http://img98.imageshack.us/img98/2946/10005659gd.jpg Does this give you guys a good idea of where rust prone spots would be or should I ask for more specific areas? Thanks again! 26th-Z, you have a PM!
  9. 26th-Z, wow, thank you for that response! My plans for the Z are simply this: every car I buy, I will not sell. I'm not looking to restore this just to turn around. Only reason I would sell is if I need the money BADLY. Secondly, I do not want it to be restored as a Concours winning car. I would like to drive this car during the weekends and my 350 for the M-F commute. If you guys ever saw my 350Z in person, you'd be surprised it has 10,000 miles. The rear bumper is scraped and there are key marks and I have no intentions to get them fixed anytime soon. As long as it runs fine and looks acceptable, I'm perfectly happy. I don't think I need a $10,000 paint job. As far as the restoration, the main thing I would outsource would be things such as welding in new panels and also paint (maybe engine/trans rebuild). Everything else I would try to do myself, but I don't plan to buy entirely new parts if I can clean up current/used parts that look decent enough. I also got in contact with the Ebay person from a few months back that had parts car 240Zs in AZ. They have the same Zs and have parts that are in good condition that I could use. Also, this project is something I don't plan to have completed in say a years time. This will be something on the side and I wouldn't be surprised if it just takes 5 years. It might even sit in its current condition for a few months until I can get around to doing something. I don't want to let this deal pass me because I don't know if I can find something like this again. I have received a few more pics of the underside of the car that I can post, but I won't be back near my computer until at least 3-4 hours. I'm working with the owner to see the least expensive way for me to have it shipped since it's pretty much in a million pieces. Right now I could only find a Penske truck, one-way, with trailer for ~$1,100 including estimated gas cost. I'd also have to spend some money just get out there, maybe a 1 way rental car. 26th-Z, I will PM you ASAP when I come back and I will give you details. I will post the underside pics in this thread, too. Thanks for all the help you guys have done so far! Much appreciated!
  10. Rick, you have a beautiful car. Unfortunately, I don't have that kind of money to spend on a secondary car. This Z is something I'd put money into restoring it over a period of years, but the final cost would more than likey surpass your price (I cannot get another loan since I have one for my 350Z). I hope you get what you are looking for with your Z, but if a situation changes with me, I will let you know. rdefabri, I'm really happy with any yaer 240Z. I definitely prefer something that is intact, which is why I'm not entire crazy about the basket case #248 (shipping and doing a part inventory is a pain). The main draw for me to this car is really only the low VIN and definitely the price, which I estimate is under $2,500 wiith me picking it up and shipping it back. As far as originality, I like that, too. Then again, I do like customized 240Zs. There was a green 240z with an RB26 that I really love, but the price ($19k), is too much for me right now, too.
  11. Thanks for all the great advice! I will see what he can do on the price, but what would you guys say it's worth? I've seen some old threads with Arizona cars (this one is in Dallas-Ft. Worth, he said dry weather) that were $500-$800 complete, but non-running and I think no title. This one has a clear title, original window sticker, no service records, but owner's manual. He said the ODO reads 82k and it has a broken dash ( ). I don't want to low-ball and offend him. Plus, I need to calculate shipping for 1,200 miles (one way). I think shipping alone is $800 for a Penske trailer with car trailer.
  12. It's #248. Thanks for all the input! I just don't want to get into something way over my head. I might just buy it and keep it in storage til I can devote a lot more time and money to it if it's possible to restore. I've seen some old threads on Ebay cars where they looked great on the exterior, but the frame was rusted and then suggested to be a parts car. I'm hoping this is not the case for 248. The owner said he has all the parts, but they're in boxes. Only thing not with it are the intake and carbs. Last time it was driven was ~1982 and it's been sitting there ever since. I guess I'd have to do a parts inventory to really see if everything is still there. Are there any other areas where I should ask for pictures that would show if the frame is able to be saved?
  13. I've been looking at this Z and I was wondering if you guys think it's able to be restored. Do you think it can be restored or is it better for me to move on and find another Z? The only reason I've looked at this Z is because it's a low VIN. He says the engine serial number matches the number on the shock tower plate. There was also a little damage to the left front and right rear. Unfortunately, I live about 1,200 miles away from this car so I can't see it in person. Here are some pictures. Input would be greatly appreciated. http://img354.imageshack.us/img354/5262/10005428if.jpg http://img61.imageshack.us/img61/8536/10005432rz.jpg http://img354.imageshack.us/img354/92/10005447vh.jpg http://img150.imageshack.us/img150/9356/10005455fm.jpg http://img524.imageshack.us/img524/1369/10005482ys.jpg http://img83.imageshack.us/img83/7674/10005516rr.jpg http://img150.imageshack.us/img150/4034/10005521xd.jpg http://img476.imageshack.us/img476/6047/10005530al.jpg http://img476.imageshack.us/img476/985/10005544yo.jpg http://img337.imageshack.us/img337/8482/10005557ce.jpg http://img337.imageshack.us/img337/3420/10005568sf.jpg http://img463.imageshack.us/img463/3136/10005576ev.jpg http://img337.imageshack.us/img337/491/10005581qq.jpg http://img515.imageshack.us/img515/2579/10005592qg.jpg
  14. That's illegal. I do agree to advertise on as many Z sites as you can. I think most are free, too. Ebay will get the most views for you within a week or so and it will sell quickly, but as said before, people will be looking for deals and they will probably low-ball you.
  15. 2003z, thanks for the other forum link. I'll be sure to look their, too. By teh way, were you on My350z? That username is very familiar. I think that guy on My350z is an airline pilot. EScanlon, do you happen to have anymore information on that Z for sale? I've found a lot of great Zs out West in what appear to be good condition (low humidity I guess). Unfortunately I live down here for the time being and everything I've seen here has a lot of rust.
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