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  1. OK!!! If anyone wants these cars I will sell the entire lot of 3 with all my parts for $1500 if they can all be picked up by 10-31-05. I have all 3 titles and LOTS of spare parts. btatem@charter.net
  2. OK now the city is griping at me for having all these cars parked in my driveway. I really need to sell them to get "the man" off my @$$. Anyone want to look at these good restorable 240Z cars? -Make me a good offer
  3. I will take $2100 for all three. They are listed in the classeifeds.. Bryan
  4. I still have these. Really need to get these sold. Let me know of any interest btatem@charter.net
  5. I am not selling as parts I am selling as a lot of all three cars. Sorry Bryan
  6. I have 3 Zs that I am needing to give up. The yellow one is a 1971 (late) 240Z complete and assembled. Needs some TLC. The red one is a 1972 240. Is is the bigger project. I has visions of placing the drivetrain from the 280X into it to get it finished. The last one is a 1978 280Z parts car. The frame is bent in the front, but it starts. (fuel leak) I got this to be the donor for the other 2 projects. I also have MANY parts to go along with this. Ask many questions and I have many pictures and can take more. All roll and have decent tires. You will need a dolly or trailer to haul these all off. I have them listed here in the classefieds forum. Bryan btatem@charter.net
  7. Either that or there is a studdering problem.....
  8. It also might not be a bad idea to use clear silicon around the tail light then install it to get a waterproof seal. It won't be seen and can also stop this from happening again.
  9. Mor than likely it is coming in thru the hatch. Until you have this fixed you need to remove the drain plug in the well. To fix it get inside the hatch and have someone run a garden hose over the hatch and window. Look to see where the water comes in and attack that part. This is how I used to fix trunk leaks. Gotta love being locked in a trunk!! Good luck.
  10. DEFINATELY do not leave JUST primer. It will rust. It is not a sealant , it is made to sand easy and hide body imperfections. If you do not want to add color to say the insides of your car spray a sealer on top of the surface. Primer will trap moisture and allow for it to travel back and forth to the metal. This is why you might see a car on the road with a rusty new fender or rust popping out behind unfinished BONDO work.
  11. Yea, it is nice to get free stuff. HMMM Parts, well, the frame is screwed. That is why I got it in the first place. It was hit pretty hard in the front. The doors are good and hatch is good. Some of this car will be donated to my 2 240's. They have their own problems.
  12. Its a 77-78. The dash is cracked of course and the driver's mirror is bad. I haven't looked at the hatch lock, but I can. -Bryan
  13. I got a free 280Z about a month ago and finally got off my tail to do something with it. I am planning to pull the drivetrain to put into my 72 240. Charged up the battery and turned the key. It started. Previous owner said that it has been sitting for over a year. I ran it out of gas so I guess it is time to clean the tank and fuel filter. Looks like a good canidate for a fuel injected 240. I guess I have a lot of 280 excess parts. Let me know if anyone is looking. I am keeping the driveline complete for myself and one fender for the 240. Good doors and some misc interior parts. Good summer teardown project.
  14. Do you still have this car? Let me know if so. Would be a nice Christmas present for my other cars. Please E-Mail if it is still available btatem@charter.net I am in Cleburne. Bryan
  15. Glad that you are a new member... WHat part of Texas are you in?? There are a bunch of us local Texans that might be able to help too sometimes.
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