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  1. Hahaha! where to use bad-aid or duct tape??? Anyway I could pass! I changed ignition timing to ATDC and adjust mixture screw up. But this is just for reduce smog and car can not run well. I adjust back to previous position again after test. Now tears coming out again due to high HC. Thanks for your advice you guys.
  2. Dear Bambikiller240, Umm... my cabs are something wrong... to make it lean which way i should turn? I think turn to top (bottom mixture screw) . Also Fire timing is now BTDC 5 DIG but which is better before or after ? I don't have tester so I only can smell.
  3. Thanks Ed, I know I should put catalisor but need money and need time. If I still try to adjust cab. or change fire timing how should I adjust I wanna know. Or HC 9014 at 700rpm is too high and no choice??? Help me Ed!
  4. Dear Everybody, 1 year is too short. My 72' 240Z must get somg test again. I checked fire timing and adjust cab. then bring my car to smog test. Result was failed. HC (ppm) was 9014 (limit 700) at idle 775+- 425. If I adjust mixture screw in bottom of SU cab. may be co% will increase. Somebody Please advice ! I don't wanna spend money so much!
  5. Hello,zhead240, On February I was refused to come in US from INS and had stayed in detention for 2 days. Then I went back to Japan and until can get VISA I had stayed in Japan for 7 months. More than 7 months my 240Z had been sleeping. Anyway I still looking for the best vender for Z parts. I need swich for turn signal and high and low beam on left hand side of steering post. Also I am looking for octopas header and mikuni solex 3. Is there sombody can supply second hand also? Arigatou.
  6. I just ask you guys about Midwest Z. Is that shop close? After came back from Japan I tried to get contact with Chloe but e-mail can not go through. If they close, somebody please teach me good Z parts shop even selling used parts.
  7. Masashi

    Vapor Tank Mods

    Long time I could not visit this site cause I had been in detention then back to Japan. Now I could get working visa so I am in LV. Anyway this job is awesome. My 72' 240z is very smelly due to leaking gas from hose or somewhere. I heard it's reject point of 240Z. Good luck Everybody!
  8. Masashi

    260z engine

    What a nice modification flat to round carb! Please kindly advice how to make it to mariaAZ. He is fighting with smog now.
  9. Hi mariaAZ, Finally you got 240z round carb? So you should check other's engine photo at gallery first. I also put photo but mine is not so good modification.(Last time I recomend good modification 260Z to 240z carb right?) Basically all polution system and water line to carb are no need in my opinion. Arizona and Nevada is almost same law regarding smog test. My ex boss in Canada was work for Nissan and this is his advice. I also had 260z in Canada. In my case just take every thing (valve, EGR) then put plug on . and overhall carb especially air line and change oil (ATF) *this must correct level. Then adjust mix with bottom screw and top screw (this is for idle only) Water line is still no problem in winter but summer time this hot water coming to carb cause parcoration (become too rich) If it's round carb, you can reduce smog I believe. Take it easy !
  10. Thank you for your reply mperdue and Ed. Yes ! These wheels which you gays could send are exactly same wheel as me. mperdue my tire size is 215/60/14 so your wheel can put this size of tire , I want these 2 wheel. I don't need center cap. Please give me good price. Chao
  11. carguyinok could tell me boneyards so I went there but unfortunatlly there was no same wheel in everywhere. So I put my Z photo in my gallary. seerex if you have same wheel,please let me know. So many Z using this wheel I think. Size is 14 inch. Please check this photo. Regards.
  12. I need same aluminum wheel 1pc. I painted Black flat.
  13. carguyinok, I can't find out Clark county women's jail. Is that near by air force or I15 ? If you still remenber that boneyards name or st, please tell me.
  14. Thank you seerex & carguyinok! I will try to to go that boneyards near by women's jail. If I can't find out wheel which I want, I will show my Z picture.
  15. Dear All, My 72' 240Z(ZEROSEN-Z) could pass smog test and got licence plate. But only 1 wheel is steel (spair wheel)and other 3 are ordinaly 14 inch aluminum wheel. I don't know actual wheel size but tire size is 215/60/14. If somebody having 1 aluminum wheel in cheap price, please let me know. Regards.