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  1. do you know what type of beads they used ?
  2. I got the paint yesterday and will be spraying today.Here are a few pics before will send later pics when finished.Thanks for all the help. Ronnie
  3. That looks just like it .Thanks I am heading to the paint store right now.I will post some before and after pics later.
  4. I waited to long to get my paint and now the weather is perfect for about two days to squirt it.I can't find the code for the 71 yellow I want. if anybody knows what it is I would be greatful.I have a picture to go by.
  5. I bought some parts from a guy a month or so around the Buford area that said he was selling the second oldest 240 in existance.I don't remember what he was asking but it was way out of my league.He said he had been working on it for years and had been collecting nos parts for years.He had several rooms full of parts still in the boxes.It was like christmas to me.I spent 1700 dollars and only one box full of parts.I saw the dash in the box but I was out of money.I bought cloth hoses,new starter,distributer and a lot of small stuff.He said he had some parts he wanted to see if Jim Fredrick or Carl Beck wanted before he sold a lot of it.I was happy with what I got so it seemed legit to me.I was there for over an hour looking and drooling. Ronnie
  6. I don't know if this will work on dashes,But it worked great on repairing a few consoles and a lot of ashtrays.After filling the holes and cracks with JB weld I bought some silly putty and flattened it out while a little warm,then laid on flat part of console.I rolled it out until it left a good impression of texture and put in refrigerator until it became stiff.When the JB weld was almost hard I pressed the silly putty firmly but evenly over area I was working on for a few seconds and evenly lifted it back off.It left a perfect texture look.After the JBweld hardened I used the correct paint to match.It has been a couple years and I can't tell where it was repaired.I don,t know why this won't work on a dash? Ronnie
  7. I am not sure what LMN stands for but at our house it means THE PROZAC CHANNEL. Ronnie
  8. I am sure he is paying taxes.What I was referencing was the part where he said the car companies aren't doling out his money.The car companies are getting the money from the govt which is taxpayer money.I was being facetious. Ronnie
  9. The car companies are getting the money to dole out from the government that steals it from taxpayers like me. How do you keep from paying taxes? Ronnie
  10. The solution to the whole auto problem is very simple and basic.Keep the government out of it and build vehicles people want at a price that is affordable and people will buy them. Ronnie
  11. What Z car club will be there? or is it agroup of Z fans? Ronnie
  12. I don't know when they changed but my low vin door hinges did not have an indention to keep the door from fully opening.You have to push the doors past the notch to fully open the doors. Ronnie
  13. Arne you have a great idea and are doing a great job. I know we all appreciate what you are doing. If you have time would put a red pin in Monticello GA for ONUTHIN 1970 240Z Thanks again Ronnie
  14. Heh Stephen I saw you were going to sell your 64 datsun Truck in 2010.You probably have plenty of takers already but I love datsun trucks.Now they are nissans.I have an x-ray where I furnish my workers trucks to drive on service calls and over the years as long as I remember all I buy is datsuns/nissans.I have a 96 that I drive with 210,000 miles because I like it.The only thing I have done to it is put a clutch in it last week.My wife drives a 2000 quad cab Frontier she got new after a driver t-boned her maxima.I still have 5 71s and 1 72 240Zs. So you can see I love those trucks.I also have a 2001 3500 dodge ram with a banks on it for hauling big loads.O yea I am finishing a 64 chevy c-10 shortbed stepside this week.I think it would make a nice set of collector trucks.I don't sell them I drive them on pretty days. Yours is the best looking datsun truck I have ever seen. Besides if you see my avatar most things I have I own is red.My wife lets me have anything I want if it is red.The joke at our lake house is if I find a redhead in a red bikini I get keep her in the Downstairs part of the house.Take and let me know if you want let your truck go to a good home. Ronnie

  15. I don't know where it came from but it took me yesterday and today to remove a virus from my computer.I thought it was gone yesterday except there was a box on my desktop with an a in it.This morning I woke up to loud heavy metal music playing for no reason. I don't know why because I don't listen to that kind of music.I pulled up history and it showed a line of A's over and over. I updated my AVG and everything seems fine.It also kept showing an ad for virus 2009 all over the screen that would not stop popping up.It is gone now.
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