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Hope some of you are interested...Atlanta, GA area event...


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It's never too early to get this show on the road folks. We know that July 4th our meeting site will be the Georgia International Horse Park in Conyers, GA. This can/will be a family affair as we will be included amongst the Rockdale County Fabulous Fourth. There will be live bands, arts and crafts and stuff of that nature. Some military displays. There will also be another car club there, 2 Unique Corvettes. There will be children's activities as well. Gomer Pyle and Barney Fife are slated to be there, lolol. And of course, this will be followed by a very good fireworks show after dark. I've been to this show the last 4 years.

And, best of all, it is a free event for us!!! No excuses for this one to be missed, lolol!!!

I have also spoken with someone about getting a trophy as we plan to have a People's Choice Award for best car where anyone that passes through can submit a vote for their favorite.

We are working on rising the popularity of all old school (pre 1985) Japanese cars so please spread the word. They gave us a lot of parking spaces, so let's fill them up.

Gates open at 5pm. I will get with the coordinator to find out what time we can come in to set up and park.

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It's actually not just a Z club but I represent Nostalgic Japanese Street Fighters. We host meets every other month for only Japanese cars older than 1985. We just had our last one at The Mitty. We average about 50-60 cars at each meet. Just want to get it out there to bring old school Japanese cars in the spotlight.

I see you're in Mansfield. I'm just over the road in Conyers, myself.

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