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  1. I just got my order of bumper and grill brackets from Chas and I'm extremely happy. The items are very high quality, everything was well packaged and it arrived very quickly. Thanks again!
  2. Looks great. I'm eagerly awaiting a front set and grill kit.
  3. I actually bought an early set of those brackets and I was not happy with them at all. The design and fabrication were not up to my standards so I resold them. I'm looking for better design and I think that Chas has come up with a terrific solution.
  4. If it's not too late, I'd like to get a set of your front bumper mounts and grill parts. I've been struggling with making the stock 240Z mounts work on my 280Z without much luck. Your design looks much better. I already used the Datsun Spirit mounts on the rear of my car and they worked brilliantly.
  5. Do you have any info on the block? Manufacturer name/part number? Source to buy from?
  6. Two sets of covers? You read my mind! As I mentioned at HybridZ, I'm in for a set when they're ready.
  7. Thanks. I have a lot of issues with my EFI system. New injectors and a billet fuel rail are on my list of things to buy.
  8. I'm also having problems with my car losing fuel pressure when sitting. I can't drive it due to a few shoulder surgeries so all I do is start it and backit out of the garage. After a day or two, I have to crank it quite a bit to get the pressure up so it starts. I've confirmed the loss of pressure with a gauge mounted before the fuel filter. I'd love to know how more about a quality replacement check valve. Could somebody please PM me the info?
  9. I'm bumping an old thread to see if somebody has some locks that they want to sell.
  10. Same here. I have cash in my pocket for a Hellfire unit.
  11. Very nice work. I bought the exact same air dam from MSA and have yet to start on this project. Finding a good solution to the bumper mounting has been taking some time. All of the premade conversion mounts that I have bought on line have been total garbage. I may just design something myself and pay the local fabrication shop to make them for me.
  12. It was nice to meet Dave from Futofab and chat for a while. Sean, I didn't get a chance to talk to you but your car is absolutley beautiful! Still not a lot of Datsun parts for sale in the venders area.
  13. Crap. I recently moved from the South Hills to Beaver Falls and I scrapped my old bumpers instead of taking them with me.
  14. Same here. I have numerous issues with my '75 280Z and am eagerly awaiting the release.
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