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  1. Can you post up the patent numbers for what you found? I'd like to see the ones for the side vents and rocker arms.
  2. A few years ago I came across the s30 design patents through a very rigorous (and crude) search through old nissan patents filed with the US. I remember saving the image on my old hard drive of a simple white and black "line art" Z. That hard drive is long gone, and I want to have those images again. I tried searching through google patents and the closest thing I came across was this patent for a hood that looks like it might fit a Z: Hood Patent Does anyone know the patent number for the s30 design patent by nissan?
  3. Yeah I was expecting to see an hks surge tank and two turbos when he popped the hood.
  4. thanks for sharing those pics! Its rare that we can track the progress of a car over that many years. I wish someone had pictures of my car from the 80's.
  5. Absolutely amazing. I am very curious to hear the history of this vehicle. I just had to make the treck over from hybridz to see your new arrival. "...It is not a priority at the moment as my 'new' car has just arrived from Japan." I pay too much attention to the details. Keep the pictures comming!
  6. :eek: get a 5-speed! . cruising at 80mph with a 3.54 diff and 81 5-speed I'm at just under 3000rpm. Avg. MPG on a LONG road trip: close to 28mpg.
  7. I was in the same boat until I fixed my exhaust fumes as well. I could only stand to drive my car for short (<30min) drives. now that i fixed them i can stand to go on 16hr drives ... see above.
  8. Looks like somone glued on a "datsun" logo over the nissan part of nissan ohc.
  9. any updates Alan? I'd love to hear what you wrote in your notes.
  10. heres a visual: Maybe later i'll take a pic of the one I made for reference. Edit: I added the picture of mine. I notice mine is alot shorter than most people's... I actually had no problem with mine, or getting it out of the chain when I was done.
  11. I actually want both, but if i had to choose it would definitely be "to be fast" No point in modifying something on the engine for LESS performance! after looking at the stahl headers, I think that might be the route to go, although I might just have to make a set of "spaghetti" headers, and test the difference in power on a dyno. edit: sorry Alan, I was hoping you would chime in on this thread, but i should have asked you first. can you please provide your info on the picture you took? thanks, Oliver
  12. Thanks for replying, Ron carter. My main question is how much of an increase in performance is this header design over the standard header design? For comparison reasons, i'd say compared to an equal length header that immediately goes straight down after the ports instead of curving out? These few pictures are the only ones i've seen with these types of headers, and I'd like to know if you can liken the performance gains to that of a "long tube" style header. If you look at the original post i made when I started this thread, I specified that the header i was looking at was a "custom one" I did not say i was on any kind of budget for this header when I do get around to building my next zcar, and I didn't say that I was going to source "a regular exhaust shop" to fab the header up for me. but thanks for the observations.
  13. found this header pic. http://www.classiczcars.com/photopost/showphoto.php?photo=11138&cat=500&ppuser=932 i'm still very impressed by these style headers. I need more info!!!!
  14. olie05

    Ron Carter's BRE replica

    "do you come with the car"...
  15. I am aware of the RHD configuration that this car has. And... I (believe it or not) was considering a RHD conversion on my next project, which is the project I would want to use a header of this style on.
  16. http://www.classiczcars.com/photopost/showphoto.php?photo=13051&cat=3187 thats my dream header ... yeah I wish. anyone have pics of a nice custom header, somewhat in the style of the one i posted? or does anyone have any more information on this header? thanks Oliver
  17. it almost looks like its sad that it never got to race
  18. don't forget, this mod only works if you have a flat top pistoned car. I actually have an N42 head on a flat-top block, and I will blow my headgasket (on 93 octane) if I floor the throttle in 4th or 5th gear. (its like a blow-your-headgasket button) I would recommend staying just under 10:1, unless it is a full race car.
  19. I drove my Z about 1000 miles (houston TX to orlando FL) and back last month! I have no complaints here, and this was all with no heater or ac. Not once did the Z complain!
  20. only advantage i see to that is that you could have the airhorns sticking clear out of the hood
  21. don't let the shop keep the turbo toms kit! put that puppy on ebay and make it pay for your FI conversion!
  22. taken on the top of a parking garage...
  23. Hope alan doesn't mind me answering this question... but it says "datsun 3100" and then "OHC" on the cam pulley hump. thanks for the link texasz
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