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  1. I thought 75-76 280z gas tanks were needed to install in 240 and 260's when installing 280zx turbo engines.
  2. If you're looking at the plastic bumpers, dont unless its a rare one like the 454. My dad has a 72 454 vert. and should be getting a 2nd flight award this June. I have some videos on youtube.com search 72 454 xxjoeyxxeb is my login name. theres 3 I think. Its warbonnet yellow. As far as performance, its the only old car I've driven that is stock and its cushy and sways. (my Z has urethane bushings and new suspension so I have no real comparison). But in a straight line, even though 72 is when the emissions kicked the 454 in the but, its still pretty darn quick at the light with a mustang gt.
  3. I've been there. Not fun, soooo many people on it that you can only go 5 mph. And its one way, down. I think the Pebble Beach 17 mile drive is one of my favorites. I am from Cape Cod, so there are very many nice roads! Also, the Big Sur area on the PCH, and pretty much any part of the PCH is awesome. Theres a street down in Malibu called Los Flores, that is about an hour of amazing driving. I drove across country, and in CA there's I believe Route 58 thats great fun too!
  4. Watanabe Rota Rb Konig Rewind Panasports Fast Forward BBS CCW
  5. Thats some small rubber on such a wide wheel. But congrats on a set of those! I want a couple!
  6. I have Tokico adjustables with AZ car springs, and I love it. It can be set firm or soft and it handles great with urethane bushings, and stock sway bars.
  7. More tools to start the bodywork/paint process.
  8. Not to hijack, but anyone buy the tie rod ends from Napa or somewhere without a grease fitting?
  9. I've been going to car shows... since I was born. My dad had a 65 Pontiac GTO tri-power, still has his old plate TRI PWR. Then when I was between 7-10 he restored a 73 Corvette 350 4-speed, and I helped him. We got pictures of me in the engine bay and it looks like I'm about to hammer something wrong. Ever since then I fell in love with corvettes, and I think that is what first started me into Datsuns. When I was young, I sometimes would think a Datsun was a vette when it caught my eye. As I grew older I realized how great of a car the Z was, and learned the differences, better or worse, than the Vettes. I'm in college and had to sell my Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V, which I had a blast with everything I had done to it, and then I saved my money, went to a car show and saw a Z again and fell in love with everything, the lines, engine, handling, light weight... and then I found out I could hav emy little corvette, just by swapping in a sbc 350.... and what do you know, I've had a 260 since last November and am broke...
  10. Thanks guys I won't be doing much welding (knock on wood). So far I only know of the rocker panels needing to be either replaced or patched, which I will probly take to a shop since I dont have a welder, unless they have a rediculous asking price, then I might change that situation. I have a couple of dents I need to tap out, and going to shave the rear bumper, and the chrome side strip, and the side markers maybe. The rear bumper, I might use the method of this 2 part epoxy someone here used thats supposed to be strong like a weld. Still contemplating on what to do though.
  11. Anyone buy tie rod ends where there isn't a spot to put grease into the boot? I got a pair from NAPA and there is no grease fitting hole...
  12. Hey guys, I'm trying to get some junkyard body panels to practice working on before I get on the Z. Anyone know what cars are about the same style metal? I have a 86 BMW hood and fender, anyone know how that compares? Probly too thick or different.
  13. Hey guys, Central Coast Z Car Club is having a get together september 3 at the Village Host Pizza in San Luis Obispo at 11am. Hope to see some people out there.