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  1. Just Wondering. Semms like it might have been a good Speed part swap on the cheap.
  2. Finish Your Damn Roadster First!!!!!!!
  3. Vic, you make it sound like your living in my Ghetto!!!!!! What's this about a Cruise down in San Pedro.
  4. What did you paint the inside of the block with? That G.E. paint or something else?
  5. If I come across one in storage or at the bone yard it's yours Scott. Other than that we need to hook up and go to Pomana or Irwindale!
  6. For regular rubber you would use a spray bottle with a dilution of 1/4 gram or somthing like that of dry graphite to the whole bottle dilutted with water and alcahol. when the water and booze drys away it leaves the dry lubticant (graphite) in place. For the kit we are talking about way back when Motorsport used tell you to wrap them in Teflon tape. I don't have a radio in the beast And the only noise I hear is the wrong offset rims rubbing the fenders. Back in the day the teflon tape was an old school trick to use when harder urethan bushings came out. :devious:
  7. For the HLS30 or your new SPL311? Whats man the Z still sitting on the street? Haven't passed by your pad for a long while? :devious:
  8. I used tflon tape. Warped around sway bar, then wraped around bushing in brackets. where ever I could. no noise. :devious:
  9. VolksWagon RagTop Style. Seems to be no more Devous.
  10. beaware what you wish for.
  11. It's your A/C compressor. It could be stuck, that's why there is no drive belt. loose it all. It'll look much neater and save a few pounds. :devious:
  12. There's even a new engine variation from I believe its Motown? A true big block CID of 454 out of a true SBC casting, either in cast iron or for a nice chunk of change extra all Aluminum. Very sick! I wish someone would do that kinda development for the L engine, but the aftermarket is still so slow to catch up with the Z folk. :devious:
  13. 1996 last owner on record for the car, if the DMV keeps records that long. Point 180Z? That's all. :devious:
  14. Over 900 post too, some scientist! :devious:
  15. 1996 compared to the original buyer of a 78 180Z, which nobody has every heard of or seen! I would try carfaxs and the Colorado dept of motor vehicles, just for kicks. :devious:
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