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  1. If you do get the opportunity to get on track with your car you won't regret it Its the most fun you can have with your clothes on!
  2. Not actually a "lap" but here's my most recent run up Shelsley Walsh hill climb in Worcestershire, its only about 1000 yards long but it gets a bit tight in places.......
  3. Cheers for that Rahail, think I'll stick with the OEM one for now
  4. Looking very good Rahail Where did you get the 10K tacho from?
  5. Where in the UK did you get your Bilsteins and are they standard length or shortened? Regards Tim
  6. Hi Ed, I'm hoping to use the car for track days and possibly sprinting, as for power I'd like 190 at the wheels but I think thats being very optimistic on my part, 165ish maybe a little more is going to be closer to the real figure I think Tim
  7. ukzman

    Side View

    Its a runner again, :-)
  8. Hi Jim, Its the Nismo Race Damper Tim
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