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Searching for previous owners


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Hello all,

I was digging through my glovebox today and found some old insurance information and started wondering about the history and previous owners of my beloved Zed.

Anyways, it is a 1973 metallic blue 240Z. Yes, I checked the paint code (115), it was originally blue. The VIN is HLS30-163077. While rummaging through my glovebox, I found the following:

An Allstate Insurance card for Glenwood Springs with the dates: 3 June 1996 through 3 December 1996.

The Colorado vehicle registration with a purchase date of 17 January 2002.

A Hagerty Insurance card for Carbondale, Colorado with the dates: 23 June 2003 through 23 August 2003.

Aside from running a Car Fax history check, where could I look to research the history of my car and possibly find the original owner? I'm doubting the insurance companies would release the information to me. Anyone in Colorado know about contacting the DMV to search into this? Thanks in advance for your help!

Jason Tripp

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Probably a waste of time but how about the local Nissan dealer ???

When I wanted the original paint code for my "Precious", the local dealer only needed the engine number and body number.

Might be worth a try mate.


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