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  1. Staying in W.A. The new owner is an enthusiast and I understand that the car will get the restoration it deserves.
  2. I originally bought it in the east and shipped it over... happy to send it 'home' to the right buyer! (I like the colour too - notice how Holden have been copying it with the current Commodores?)
  3. (fingers in ears) la la la la la la...
  4. Crunch time... A change of job means that I now have even less spare time to lavish the care and attention on the 240Z that I would like to. Much as I do enjoy driving and tinkering, the car deserves an owner who will use it far more than I do. So... If you are looking for a '73 240Z with original interior/exterior and matching numbers, a car that has never nbeen in a crash in its life, with an E31 head, extractors and sports exhaust then have I got the machine for you! Follow the link below for more details (and please don't try to talk me out of this I might just weaken!) Hayden. http://w
  5. So, have you moved a mattress out to the garage yet? (or widened the front door to let the skyline inside..?!)
  6. I saw that too - did the 240z have some racing numbers?
  7. I would like a set of Watanabes for my 240z (in the future). Personally I think the Gunmetal or Black colour without any polishing looks the best. My Z is metallic green and I think the dark rims would give it a tougher look... so don't be in too big a hurry to have them polished!
  8. ...and I'll get the ball rolling with a quote I recieved on the weekend: Full stripdown to metal with sandblasting and machine removal of old paint, rust cut out, new sections butt welded in - sills, 1 door, tailgate, quarter panel, both guards. Treatment of all panels with corrosion inhibitor. Repaint in original colour (excluding engine bay and interior). Cost: AUD $16,500 (May 2006) The same work but on a spot-by-spot basis with local painting rather than the whole car: Cost AUD $6,500. Decision - I'm looking for more quotes... this is the top end of the market.
  9. I'm starting this thread as a record of the cost of bodywork on your Z. When replying, please try to include: 1. The nature of the job (eg baremetal with significant rust removal?, minor touchup?, colour change?, engine bay included or not?, interior and exterior?) 2. The date 3. Your country and currency (eg US$, AU$, GBP, PESOS...) 4. Your decision - did you get the work done or not? (5. try to be honest!)
  10. Do they still run "Speed Week"?
  11. My 1969 Monaro GTS was Sebring Orange with black stripes...
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