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  1. What's up guys, I'm in Tempe for a work conference, and I'm bored. Anybody got any Z happenings in the area? I'll take anything, even someone that just wants to show off their car to someone who'll appreciate it. Scott
  2. Who did the work for you? I could use a good guy near home to work on my five speed. Thanks Scott
  3. I love the way it looks, reminds me of the JGTC Z's I saw when they were here. Congrats on the upcoming addition Mark. Scott
  4. Thanks for all the info guys, (especially you Bigoak). This car is my commuter, I recently picked it up for 300 bucks. I'm not sure if I want to put any money into, or turn it into a learning project. I might even just get rid of it as I am running out of room for Datsuns right now. Thanks again, if I decide to tear into it for the experience, I'll let you guys know. I'll probably have a bunch more questions if I decide to go this route. Scott
  5. I have a 80 zx, the five speed was/is making a kind of grinding/metal to metal noise when you get on or let off the gas in all gears. Just yesteday it started having this awful vibration in all gears above 1500rpms. All noises and vibrations go away when in neutral or if I have the clutch in. Any suggestions as to what the problem is? I assume it's time for a new tranny, but wanted to make sure. Anybody have any ideas for a good shop, or parts source? Never torn one down, any help with rebuild tips would also be good. Thanks, Scott
  6. I got one too. Installed by the tank, inline filter before and after, and a regulator under the hood, filter inline before the carbs. Scott
  7. I might be wrong, since I don't have a 2+2, but I thought there was some kind of panel that went under the glass when it was on so that you don't bake. I have two Z's also. My 240 is a work in project and I just picked up a 280zx for cheap, that is now my daily driver. Scott
  8. 30 here, spent my whole life in Southern Cal. Scott
  9. Nice Z Jen. Looks great. I grew up in a Z also, which is why I had to buy one once I was old enough. Scott
  10. Did anyone else see this? I kinda think it's a steal if it's really an anniversary model. Would pick it up if I didn't just get a ZX already. Would like to see a Z lover pick it up and restore it though. http://losangeles.craigslist.org/lac/car/290910464.html Scott
  11. I just got an S130 for a great price, but it was missing the fuse box cover and has a couple of blown fuses and a short somewhere. I know this isn't the right site, but I figured someone here has an S130 also. Can somebody please post or send me a picture of a legible fuse box cover so that I can start to track down my problem. Thanks in advance. Scott By the way, it's a 1980. Thanks again.
  12. I grew up in my father's 240 and always loved the way it sounded, smelled, looked, everything. Just had to get my own. Since he wouldn't give his up, I went out and got my own. Scott
  13. In case you haven't found yours yet, try this, they might still have them. http://losangeles.craigslist.org/lgb/pts/204934270.html Scott
  14. I don't know that Carbon Fiber can be generalized into the rice category. MSA sells Carbon Fiber hoods and fender flares for our cars that I think look pretty good and don't seem to "rice" out the car. I would agree on almost all of the rest of the statements though. The one that kills me is the GTR emblem on everything except an actual GTR. And the big "R" stickers that I guess make them look cool cause it stands for racing. Scott
  15. 2002 Nissn Sentra SE-R Spec-V is my daily. The '72 240z and '69 2000 Roadster are for nice weekends. The Z makes an occasional appearance at work, but only if it's not too hot out. The Roadster collects dust in the garage until a nice sunny weekend comes along. Scott
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