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  1. Hello to all.. I've seen that Motorsport Auto offers H4 lights to replace the stocks set. Also they offer Xenon light bulbs. My questions are: 1) Has anybody used these or anything like them? and 2) How are they compared to the new fancypants bright white set-ups I've seen on some of the newer cars coming out ? I'm looking for an updated look as well as better visibility at night:ermm:
  2. A good web site would be great. I appreciate your help...Now do how many hp or torque does each put out. Keep in mind that I have no idea what whp vs hp is ,so how much real power is each putting out?
  3. Excuse my ignorance...What is the deal with theses rb engines that i keep hearing about. I'm not familiar with these models, but it seems that everyone is getting really good performance out of them. Can anybody explain..?
  4. When are we going to learn that street racing/dragging is dumb... Innocent lives can be put at stake as well as massive property damage. Not to mention the danger of ruining a perfectly good zed.. if ya want to prove something, remember "Real men do it on a track" To all street racers..
  5. What kind of air dam is that on the font of the z that is attached to your name..?
  6. ....Is both dangerous and stupid. Putting lives at stake for the sake of beating some idiot in a V8 hooptie is just not worth the risk. I agree with e train.. I know that I'd feel awful if I ran into someone and/or wrecked my car..But I'd feel a vigilate coming on if someone else did it to me or mine.. :devious:
  7. Does anyone know of any companies that provide "ready' custome interior pieces for the early Z's..? I'm looking for body panels, shift boots, and/ot accent pieces(colored, chromed,carbon fiber) anything..
  8. MSA has a fuel pressure regulator that has been recommended along wiht a newer model electric fuel pump as being benficial in my search for more power on a 74 260 with N42 block.. Any thoughts..?
  9. This getting interesting. I'm currently running an N42, but am looking to change to a P90 w/flattops but I'm getting conflicting info on which will get me the higher compression..
  10. There are a lot of theories and even more opinons..So let's put it to the numbers..Which head is best for performance..?
  11. Let's put it to the numbers..? Which head is best?
  12. Sup folks, I don't think that Craig is a regular here..I've already talked to him before and his part line is pretty extensive. I'll call him this weekend, try to get as best a list a s I can a nd get it posted ASAP..
  13. :stupid: I guess I'd better go back and dig deeper..Thanks for the correction.
  14. There is a lot of info.. But there focus seems to be Chevy/Ford type conversions..Pretty cool if that's what you're looking for. But I wouldn't imagine that it suits most Classic z lovers...
  15. Ok..Thanks to 2MANYZs and Carguyinok I have a better understanding of what I have already and what is possible.. Having said that I think I'm ready to ask intelligent questions... I have a 74 260 N42 block bored .020(I think)w/Turbo flywheel, SU carbs, E88 intake, N42 head, dished pistons. I would like to raise the compression to about 10:1(I'm told anything higher requires special gasoline ) and reach Hp/Torque levels of about 200. I am looking to keep this a daily driver with good response from about 2500-6000 rpm. I'm not trying to make a racer,yet, but just a good off-the-line arse-spanker:devious: Now..I've been advised be some to seek a P90 head and flat-top pistons rather than the N42.Will flat-tops raise or lower the compression of P90s(I've heard both)? What of oversized pistons .020/.040 are they necessary or even helpful? Any special work required to make them fit? I've seen some nice ones at MSA..Finally I'm looking to upgrade or get my cam re-grinded(is that even possible?) At any rate any suggestions on cam grinds..@MSA 260 duration .460 lift, 274 .480, 270/280 .460, or 209 .495 ? Whew..I nkow this is a lot but it all seemed connected somehow..Plerase help.. Thanks in advance...
  16. I said..Shweeeet.. :classic: Thanks loads..
  17. Am I looking For the block or the head stamp here..Sorry, I know this seems stupid but I chose to wait until my 6th car and my third z and 34 years to pass me by before I got intersted in the internals of a car..Please bear with me..
  18. I agree with Alfadog the extended roofline makes it look more luxury than sporty..That just kills the look for me..No stretch z for the rasta..
  19. Are there any folks out there planning on attending the Nopi Nationals this year..? Here in the Atlanta area, Nopi is being held on September 21st and 22nd. I haven't been yet but plan on going this year and would love to see any fellow CZC'ers, Classic Zcar Clubbers,(Hey did I coin a new nickname? ) I will be proud to represent us there and would love some company as well as an opportunity to meet a few of you..Otherwise oes anyone know if Nopi is coming to your town..?
  20. If I do in fact as I suspect have an N42 block and an N42 head..Can I replace the dished pistons with flattops..? I've been told that if I do it will raise my compression and therefore give me more power..I currently own a 74 260 with an obviously later year l28. The engine has been bored out .020, I think (The former owner wasn't sure how much)and I'm dseperatley seeking more torque..I also believe that I have a second stage cam, SU carbs, and a turbo flywheel. I have no idea how much torque or Hp I currently have but my goal is 200-220 hp..Any ideas..? Thanks in advance
  21. I'm not quite sure what head I have..Sould i be looking on the manifold, which has E88 stamped on it or what. It appears to be an N42, because that it what is stamped on the passenger's side of the block or is that the type of block I have..? I think what is confusing me is that I appear to have an N42 block and an N42 head is that possible? I don't know because I'm not sure where to check for each stamp (Head, manifold,and block)..
  22. I am greatful for the work put in on this..Put me down for a set for my 74...I too will put the order in when its up on the website.
  23. This description of ram air was a big help..However i think that's more modification than I'm willing to do..so.. What about air horns...? Any improvemnets from those..? They seem to be the most vialbe solution..any ideas?
  24. Can anyone explain what ram air is? Can it be used with an SU Carb system? I've been told that it is a form of allowing air into the engine thur an extra "port" on the hood. There is aram air for sale at he Georgia z Club and I'm wondering if its worht my time. Like will it increase hp? Thanks in advance..
  25. Thanks for the ideas folks..I'll let you know what happened..
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