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update on speed hut indiglo gauges

240 4U2NV

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I just talked to the people at speed hut yesterday and they told me that they will start with our gauges next week sometime, they will be on the web site for pre-ordering sometime around wednesday the 17 of july. These gauges will be for all the z's between 69 and 78, however if you have a car that is not a 73 or 74 they will need good clear pictures of your gauges, you can wait and send them to speed hut or send them to me at abbottbd@student.gvsu.edu. Thanks to everyone who called or e-mailed speed hut or myself for the interest.


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The Guages aren't bad after you get them. My brother got his for his supra and this is what it looks like

Simple to set up. One of the concerns I had was how they would they link the gauges together, but after seeing them up close they link to one another by wires instead of one full overlay peice like the honda's are.


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One of the problems with the gauges were that we though the flames were going to be ghost images that were barely see when lit up, but that wasn't the case. The flames happen to stick out a lot more then was expected.

I'm still willing to order these gauges though. All I need is a working clock to put back into my dash:stupid:

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hey guys, glad to see there is still some interest, we do need the twenty orders but i dont think that will be a problem we have 3 people here willing to go after just one day, also there are a few people from zcar.com that are interested and im sure the folks at hybridz.org will like these because they are always talking about the whiteface gauge sets or putting aftermarket gauges. Driftmonkey if you dont have a digital camera you could still get them with a regular camera then scan them, or if you dont have a scaner just have them put on one of those picture cd's instead of regular prints made of them.

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I too would like a set.

I'll be placing my order as soon as it's up on the website.

For those worried about the look of the gauges, know that you are not limited to one style...

I quote the Speed Hut web site

The following cars can be pre-ordered. Once we have 20 Pre-orders we will begin tooling the car. Tooling takes approx. 8-12 weeks so hang in there! Your Credit Card is NOT charged until after we reach the 20 pre-orders. All the same options available on the web site are available for these pre-order cars below.

EACH INDIVIDUAL WILL GET TO CHOOSE THEIR OWN UNIQUE CUSTOM OPTIONS- (COLORS, FONTS, STANDARD GRAPHICS, LOGOS, ETC. AT NO ADDITIONAL COST). Once the tooling is done (8-10 weeks) we will ship them out individually to each person. We will notify each person before manufacturing their gauges to confirm their order via email or telephone.

In other words; you are not stuck with the cheesy flames.

I already have my "custom logo" picked out. :smoke:


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Thanks for posting that pick, i want the z logo on my guages too but was having trouble finding a good size pic to use. Any chance you have it already in the format that speedhut wants? I dont have a program that has the ability to put a jpg image in one of the two formats they specify on their web page.

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I just got off the phone with speedhut, they will have our guages up for preorder by the middle of next week. They also said that after we get our 20 preorders (maybe less it is based on the amount of materials the kit uses) then they will begin "tooling" which takes 6-8 weeks. After the tooling is done your credit cards will be charged the full price of the kit (not 100 as a deposit and then 20-30 later for shiping ect) and then you will get your kits about 10 days after your credit card is charged. I also got some questions that were e-mailed to me answered:

1. Those of you with out access to digital cameras or good scaners, take your gauge pictures with a 35mm camera and have them developed onto one of those kodak picture cds-these are good enough quality to base the new faces on.

2. I was e-mailed a question about dimming the indiglo light, speedhut says that you can hook up the factory dimmer but in some cases it causes strange side effects but that the color inverter functions like a dimmer with green being brighter and blue being darker.

3. I wondered about the heater controls and maybe getting a matching indiglo kit for them-- they said it is a posibility and maybe even included with the gauge kit but they will need a donor heater pannel for each time the layout changed. Anyone got parts cars with ok heater panels?? Im sure it could be worked out that the first person to send in the heater panel for a given year would get $20 off or something like that but there will have to be interest in it and then i will have to talk to speed hut. What do you all think?

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Now I would like A set for my 73 240. But I dont like the idea of handing over my cc# in the hopes that some day they may do there 6-8 weeks of tooling.

I would need A date they will be done-billed-sent.

Sorry been taken for rides by aftermarket part house ppl before and wont happen again.

Get real dates & I will buy.

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