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If I do in fact as I suspect have an N42 block and an N42 head..Can I replace the dished pistons with flattops..? I've been told that if I do it will raise my compression and therefore give me more power..I currently own a 74 260 with an obviously later year l28. The engine has been bored out .020, I think (The former owner wasn't sure how much)and I'm dseperatley seeking more torque..I also believe that I have a second stage cam, SU carbs, and a turbo flywheel. I have no idea how much torque or Hp I currently have but my goal is 200-220 hp..Any ideas..?

Thanks in advance

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Yes, you may put the flat top pistons in your block in place of the dished pistons. It is one of the best improvements to an L-28 you can do. It will put your compression up around 9.5:1 to 10:1 depending on whether your head has been shaved, and which head gasket you use.

With the mods you have now, it ought to really wake up the motor. I think you will see a huge improvement with the mods you have now, as you probably aren't gaining as much benefit from them as you would with more compression.

Go for it!

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