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  1. this may not be exactly what you were looking for but try checking out speedhut.com, they have gauges for 240 and 280z's in development.
  2. just to answer your question yes they can make them in metric ( kmh instead of mph) but as for the price for you it just sucks.
  3. Go ahead and spread the word where you can, i posted to several sites and mailing lists and we got six orders. I had at least 25 people tell me they would be ordering for sure or i wouldnt have wasted my time but now it seems everyone is short on money or something. Im sure we will get there though just may take a little longer then we want it to. Hang in there everyone
  4. Well guys they are up, let the preordering begin! Dont forget to tell everyone you know about these gauges so that we can get to our 20 as soon as posssible!!
  5. Zed, It would seem that you are right about the dimmer thing, maybe the guy i talked to was not one of the tech people but a sales person instead or maybe they have changed the style of inverters they use recently to include the dimmer or the other way around. I will check back with them again and see what they say could have also been just a misunderstanding on my part, we talked about several different things i might have been confusing them. I will also ask about mounting of the 6 color controlls, looks like maybe they have a sticky sheet on the back and you just stick them to whatever, a
  6. it is the throttle opener relay, look at the wiring diagram in the fsm it is the only thing that has the right combination of wires in it.
  7. The problem is that they cant set a specific date untill they get the 20 preorders because it could take a week or a month to get them but you raise and interesting point, I bet there are more people out there in your same situation, I guess you can wait untill after the origianal 20 orders and then just order like you would from a regular mail order place, although they seem to have a good business going for someplace out to rip people off. I think i will check them out a little more and see if anything turns up maybe ease some minds, I will also bring this up to them next time i call and se
  8. I just got off the phone with speedhut, they will have our guages up for preorder by the middle of next week. They also said that after we get our 20 preorders (maybe less it is based on the amount of materials the kit uses) then they will begin "tooling" which takes 6-8 weeks. After the tooling is done your credit cards will be charged the full price of the kit (not 100 as a deposit and then 20-30 later for shiping ect) and then you will get your kits about 10 days after your credit card is charged. I also got some questions that were e-mailed to me answered: 1. Those of you with out access
  9. the 12 second guy refered to above is Norm, he runs a l26 with su's and runs in the 12's. Go to zcar.com then click on the 07-83 tech forum in the uper left corner and then click on search at the top of the page. When the page comes up search for norm or norms engine or something like that and you should find a bunch of hits, he has posted his setup several times.
  10. everything ive ever seen says that in the later 240z's Datsun used slightly thicker metal to make the unibody part of the car.
  11. thought that your question sounded familer so i looked back and i answered it once before for someone else, check out this thread on zcar.com Click here for your answer Long story short your car should work without it. As for the fuel pump question are you sure you have an electric one, i know 73 are supposed to but mine doesnt and never did, not trying to insult you or anything just covering the bases. Always check the basics and work back to more complicated, if you fried that then it is possible that there was some sort of electrical spike and you fried other relays/components as well.
  12. I just went through and rewired my entire 73 240z and i can tell you that the relay on the firewall is emission controll related, i cant remember exactly what it is called right now but if you wait till wednesday i can look it up and tell you for sure what it is and does. Just in case your interested i have the relay i took off my car that i will let you have if you want one, but i am not sure if it works or not as all the emissions stuff is removed from my car now.
  13. Thanks for posting that pick, i want the z logo on my guages too but was having trouble finding a good size pic to use. Any chance you have it already in the format that speedhut wants? I dont have a program that has the ability to put a jpg image in one of the two formats they specify on their web page.
  14. hey guys, glad to see there is still some interest, we do need the twenty orders but i dont think that will be a problem we have 3 people here willing to go after just one day, also there are a few people from zcar.com that are interested and im sure the folks at hybridz.org will like these because they are always talking about the whiteface gauge sets or putting aftermarket gauges. Driftmonkey if you dont have a digital camera you could still get them with a regular camera then scan them, or if you dont have a scaner just have them put on one of those picture cd's instead of regular prints m
  15. To answer the question above, with the speed hut gauge kit you can order whatever color text, background, font or back light, text style, and graphics you want as part of the pre order, each individual will get their own choice of what they want. To see some of the options go to speedhut.com and just click to order for a different car and it will show you all the different colors and styles available. I guess to keep with the forum change we should really be in the interior section so i started a new post there as well. Now for the update... I just talked to the people at speed hut yesterd
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