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  1. same thing happened to me, i just replaced the started and all was well again.
  2. how negative was it? It sounds like your alternator is still producing power, or the engine probably wouldn't have run with out the battery. Maybe it is just starting to die or something. Im not sure how to check it but Im sure someone else will have more useful feedback
  3. wilby34


    parking next to a lamborghini helps
  4. an explanation for the dim light may be as follows. If they are wired in series then that could be the problem. when you wire two resistors (in this case, light bulbs) in series, the second of the resistors always gets less electricity than the first, making it dimmer. in case you dont know, a "series circut" is one in which the power goes to one light, and then from that light to the second one. from the second one, they are both grounded. sorry if confusing at all. good luck
  5. the brake booster is a vacuum chamber thing that aids in braking so you dont have to be a 300 lb football player to stop your car. it is the black canister thing behind your brake master cylinder.
  6. dont worry, I dont really like toyotas either
  7. I heard this somewhere: horsepower sells cars, torque makes them go. my take on it, Im not sure if I am right, is that horse power is the maximum power that an engine produces. Torque is the product of that power which is exerted on the road.
  8. when I had all my electrical problems fixed professionally, I took it to the best z guy around where I live. Because he is the best he was a little pricy, but its worth it for my baby. after everything I had done it came out to about $800. (they pretty much redid the whole wiring harness, and replaced my turn signals and stuff)
  9. I dont know what happened, but I was driving today, and I glanced at my oil pressure and it was at the far left of the gague. I looked under the hood, it doesn't look like anything is broken. and oil isn't leaking anywhere. what could cause this? earlier this year I had the same problem and it was just a bad connection. I just replaced it and it got fixed. But that connection is good now, so I don't know what to do. help please
  10. I have a hard time shifting with my five speed to. I am going to try a couple things (like taking out the short ****er and putting in the stock linkage) but I think that it is normal. as for the time on a tranny rebuild, I think that when we rebuilt a datsun tranny in my auto class we took about 4 hours. but we were taking our time to learn, so maybe less, if you know what you are doing and have all the parts you need before you take it apart. as I recall it was kinda hard to get in and out of the car. but with three people it shouldn't be a problem.
  11. I think that the idea of the extra power is an awesome one, but the only issues I might have with it would do with the time to put it in. also, I think that in order to handle that kind of power you would need a new tranny and dif, which could get pretty pricy.
  12. this was meant to be a response to the guy who was looking to buy the 69/70 240z, but I guess I pressed new thread instead of respond sorry
  13. when I got my 240z the guy who owned it before me had "re-done" the wiring. it turned out that he had completely messed it up and now the headlights didn't work (well, they turned on , but werent very bright.) I tried to fix it myself but then found out that he hadn't even used the right colored wires. the z cars are renowned for electrical problems. so be sure that all of the electrical components work, beause if they dont it can be a huge pain or money sink to fix
  14. ok, so I got beaten by a 69 chevelle yesterday. It was kinda embarrasin, but I have a couple of things that I think I did wrong that I am looking for help to fix. 1)my start wasnt that good, so if anyone could give me some tips on how to get a good start from a light that would be cool. and 2)my shifting wasnt very fast (every time i shifted, I felt them moving away from me) and 3)I think I fell out of the power range everytime I shifted. maybe I should let the engine rev higher before shifting it. comments/input are greatly appreciated
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