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  1. I installed mine with the stock lower mount and trimmed the bump stop as per Arne's pic and never had a problem, smooth as butter.
  2. Arne, PM'd you re taillight harness. Thanks H Houghton
  3. Dclamm, Did these guys actually come through with the high bracket? I'm looking for the same thing.
  4. Just recieved my tail light refurb and LED upgrade from Dave Irwin and they are beautiful!!From trashy to new like. Amazing Thanks Dave
  5. Do the Arne! http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/showthread.php?30409-Successful-skin-graft-(roof-skin-that-is)&highlight=skin+graft
  6. Just before I had my speedometer rebuilt it developed an interior sqeek especialy bad on cold mornings and would go away when the cabin warmed up.
  7. Tried the drill when I removed my roof skin, it gets dull mighty fast. My 2C
  8. Could really use the cowl recievers if you still have them. Best, H Houghton
  9. I've been to two county fairs and a goat race and I ain't ever seen NOTHIN' like that.
  10. I got em all and the improvement was dramatic. I could SEE the road with stock headlights and I could finally read my dash gauges at night without waiting to pass under a street light. I got higher wattage replacement bulbs for the dash so it will even better when I'm done. But now I'm considering LED's for the dash lights. What do you think Dave? Which are brighter?
  11. Finally, after spindle pin hell, now replaced with new and slicked with anti-seize ,all new bushings, lower diff mount and R/T mount (Thanks Dave) Finally back on all four feet. Had it up in the air so long I forgot how small it is! Now just need to finish up the engine and drop it in, transmission is prepped and ready to go. THEN all I need it is to pull an Arnie, body work and paint and I'm off and running.
  12. Thanks D, After searching the site for awhile last night I found a couple of threads dealing with flywheel size/clutches etc. Probably should have started there before posting. Oh well. I really appreciate any response I get. Best, H Houghton
  13. Its always one more thing with this beast! Took the flywheel into the machinist today to be checked before I install it because I saw a couple of small cracks in the surface and he said it would be fine if I didn't mind my foot being blown off when it exploded. (I actually know a guy this happened to) So now I'm looking for a flywheel for an L28. My question is are the 240/260/280 flywheels inter-changeable? Or do I have to identify a specific one and if so how? MSA only carries new competition but no stock. Thanks All, H Houghton
  14. Derek, I'd be in for a set as well! HCH
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