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  1. Well, I have access (my son's care was just totaled) to a 4.6L 32v dohc Ford motor. Then I look in my shop at a 1976 280z that I am working on for my daughter, and I am thinking this could be interesting. However, I am only moderately mechanically inclined, can weld fairly well, but do not have a machine shop. So, am I nuts for even considering such an adventure?
  2. Of course, the '76 we are working on has cracked boots, and in the case of the air regulator, a broken connector. My first question is are there any tricks to cleaning the connectors? the air regulator plug is definitey corroded, I'm sure there are others that are as well. My second question is, what is the best replacement conntector to use, and where should I get them? I want to solder/shrink tube whatever I use, I won't be using butt connectors in a fuel injection harness.
  3. I was replacing the ground wire on my alternator when I noticed there is a small green wire (maybe 18 gauge) coming off of the positive terminal that goes nowhere - its broke off. I cannot find a broken wire to reconnect it to anywhere. Any ideas where this should be connected to? Also, I see many discussions about upgrading a 240 alternator to an internally regulated one, what about the 280?
  4. Yeah, did a search right AFTER the post - not too bright I guess. I found the Arne, that is definitely the way to go. I also have the guy I bought the z from for parts - he said a clean donor roof will be $80.00. Now all I need is the driver's side rear floor board patch...
  5. I am starting to retore a '76 280z with my daughter and have a couple of questions: 1. Where can I buy a floorboard panel to go under the driver's side seat without having to buy the whole floorboard kit? I only have 1 spot of rust under the driver's seat and would like to buy a formed piece if possible - but not the whole kit. 2. Anyone ever do a roof replacement? I have a sunroof that I would like to do away with. Any experiences would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Thank you all for the replies, and thank you for the welcome. My first car was a 1977 280z, and now I am restoring a '76 for my 16 year old daughter. To answer one question, it is an automatic - for now. I will get it up in the air a bit further and give everything a good once over. I will let you know.
  7. Definitely no CV joints, just regular u-joints and driveshafts. It appears the half shafts have been serviced, as the u-joints actually have grease fittngs in them (although in 1976 they may have actually had them from the factory, I'm not sure). There is no slop in any of the three drivelines or rear suspension. I have not given too much attention to the differential yet, and I need to get the front end in the air to do a more thorough inspection. I agree with LostxSoul, it really feels like a driveline issue. I lost a u-joint one time in a truck, and it would vibrate when you unloaded t
  8. I recently purchased a 1976 280z to restore for my 16 year old daughter (my first car was a 1977 280z). Driving it home I noticed that if you are above 60 MPH and let off the throttle it starts to vibrate, and if you let off at 80 MPH it tries to shake the hood off. I figured a bad u-joint, but I checked the main shaft and half-shafts and everything looks tight. Could it be a bad differential strap/mount, or is there something else that someone has ran across?
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