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  1. Hi all - I bought a motor a few years ago from John Williams Racing. I am finally getting ready to install it, and was trying to ID the camshaft. It is an E30 cam, but appears to be a regrind. On the back of the cam, closest to the firewall, there is a hand done engraving, reading "Sidewinder B31-180". I have no idea what it means. All help is appreciated - I need to figure out if this cam will work with my carbs. Thanks!
  2. Well, a few reasons - we are between houses - remodeling one, renting another, so paying rent and mortgages puts a crimp on budgets. Second, it was just basketball season. But spring is almost here, and things are looking up.
  3. I should be getting my 72 back from getting body work done soon, and pages like this inspire me to get it done right and with quality. Thanks! I might start my own, from shell to runner. No idea how long it will take - I'm in a driveway and I have a job and kids and a wife and kids and a job and wife and kids and job and wife.
  4. You guys are using cloth wrapped to keep the original look?
  5. In defense of wives, I'll share this story - She drives a 2013 Fiat 500, which had warped rotors. I started on the passenger side, and on the caliper there is what looked like a retaining spring for the outboard pad, but the spring didn't actually touch the pad at all. I took it off anyway, thinking it would be easy to reinstall. I was wrong. It took at least 20 minutes to put that spring back in, so when I moved to the drivers side, I knew not to take that spring off. The brakes went on just fine until it came time to install the outboard pad. It just wouldn't seat. I couldn't get that pad to sit right. I spent at least an hour trying to compress the caliper more, and generally hating my life. The wife came out, and asked how it was going. I told her, and she stuck her head under the wheel well, where I can't fit, and said "you have to take that metal thing off...it sticks out the other side". Sure enough, the spring isn't a spring at all - it locates the pad. Genius design. At any rate, spring off, pad in, and 20 minutes of putting the spring in. So wives CAN help, especially if you are an idiot.
  6. Hi Jim, I have a stock rear bumper that I will probably not be using. I'll take some pics soon if you are interested. It has the overriders mounted on it. If memory serves, its straight but the chrome is pitted in some places. Just let me know if you have any interest. Curtis Atlanta, GA
  7. I didn't see any 2 inch Jag carbs in those pics. Nice pics tho.
  8. I did the same sort of search, but no luck regarding the linkage. Time to put on the old engineering hat.
  9. Hi all, its been a while since I've been on. The 240 is getting welded up, and so I've put stuff on the back burner for a while, but it will be back soon, so I am working on getting the engine ready to install. I've bought the "big" SU from a XKE I think. They bolt right up, but I dont know how I'll build a linkage that will open both carbs at the same time. Has anyone done this swap, and if so, how did you attack the issue? Many thanks! Curtis
  10. I started to give some advice, but I am already about 4500 in, and I don't even have a running driving car. It's still a shell. So, listen to these guys. Maybe I should have....
  11. Georgia doesn't have those same requirements. All that is needed in GA is to check a box that says "The odometer isn't correct", so I think I will reset it. I don't have any desire to ever sell this car. If I do, it will be as a collector type purchase anyway.
  12. Besides port matching the intake, what will I need to look out for? The carbs aren't here yet, but I can start prepping for them. Curtis
  13. Hi all - I have a question - I know the law on the matter, that on my title, it will say that the mileage is not accurately shown. But is it ethical to reset the odometer to 0 if : It is a new motor/trans/diff/radiator/floorpans/rails/wiring/lights/rear hatch/brakes/master cylinder/etc etc etc? I'd like to reset it, just to keep up with mileage on the motor without doing the math. Thoughts?
  14. I'm going to start "detailing" my engine tonight. I am going for a pure performance look, whatever that is. It is a "FrankenZ" - a 71 body with an 83 block, 72 head, maxima crank, Toyota brakes, jaguar carbs, etc, so no point in originality. All go-fast stuff, but retro, if that makes sense. I'll just post pics when I am done, I guess.
  15. I agree with the two previous. Don't take it off, just treat it on the stand. I've used both soda and pecan shells, either will work great. Just tape off what you don't want stripped, maybe two layers of tape. Take the stand outside....
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