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  1. Thanks for all the reply's My bumper is far forward where is should be which made me wonder about being original. I am missing the valance but I intend to fit in a fiberglass unit when time comes. Sorry to some but I am not a purist. This will all be fitted correctly or better. I may even paint the bumpers. No hurry with changes. Hood issue covered many times. Hood springs hold up the hood 1/2" or more. No adjustment to fix this. Removing them makes the hood fit acceptable. I made accept a hood prop. That sucks. long term project for sure. Dave
  2. Hi guys I rarely see this reinforcement plate on cars. I will remove it when I refurb & paint. I suspect my 73 has the wrong bumpers as they fit terribly. Looks like the PO covered the bumpers and engine/inner hood compartment with rhino liner type stuff. If flakes off the bumpers real easy and looks bad as you can see. Bumper are rust free. My question is was this plate on all 240Z's? And why don't I see them on internet pictures. Must be the looks.
  3. Thanks for the reply fellas I took advise and tried before putting under the car. With ring on the axle I beat hammered etc never did get the ring to fit in the diff splines. So I removed the ring and placed in the diff gear groove using couple sockets of the right diameters. Then installed an axle no problem. Tried to remove said axle and beat hammered etc and couldn't get it out. Finally stuck a 1/2" dia pin thru form other side and one smack popped it out. OBX diff has a through hole. I remember taking the axles out a couple months ago while under the car and was a big pain in th
  4. 280ZXT ready to install my diff up under the car--with the new OBX unit installed--question is should I install the c rings into the differential spline groove then the axles or put the c rings on the axles first.? When I removed the axles the c rings stayed in the diff grooves. Thought I'd ask someone that's done this a few times before I get this heavy unit up under the car? If rings should go in the diff first I'd rather tackle this on the floor. It was a bear getting the axles to break free of the rings. Thanks Dave
  5. I have the same thread running over at hybridz. Chickenman gave great advice to use a later model CAS. SleeperZ nice advice on checking function. off to the junkyard tomorrow.
  6. 3 screws hold CAS in place but the round disc needs to come off first. It's really on there. Marked the trigger wheel side up a long time ago. Been there done that. I had this engine running for a couple years exactly the way it is now BUT, a couple years ago when I went with Megasquirt MS3X I made my own MS, MSX wire harness. The engine ran ok but I did have an annoying IAC valve issue and other issue was when I ran boost above 9-10 lbs I have what I think is injectors shutting down- -so I purchased DIYAUTOTUNE harnesses. While installing I messed up and crossed the cam, crank and ground
  7. Hi guys Can someone check the ohms on the crank position sensor of 83' turbo dizzy. I have big problems with my megasquirt re-install and would like to find out if my CAS sensor is bad. Green wire to Black(ground) I get 103 ohm. White to ground I get open circuit. green to red(power) is 106 ohm. white to red is 6.8 ohm I'm no electronic guy by any means I barely know what an ohm is. Please don't get to technical on me. Another question s how does one change the sensor? Do I use a puller to get the center round dics off(see pic) then I assume the circuit board and sensor can
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