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  1. Hi all I need some help in finding high performance pads for my 240z which has the 4 pot toyota to original solid rotor conversion. deos anyone know or recommend a good company to get them from who will ship to UK also has anyone successfully overhauled these caliper and is there a new seal kit from Toyota available all this has come about after taking my Zed on a track day great fun but cooked the brakes.I thought i would try better pads and an overhaul before changing to Vented discs etc. Please help.
  2. Thanks guys thats just the set up I was on about all I need now is to get me one of those surge tanks do you think HKS still sell them how much power do you think they can put out 300bhp plus maybe? Thanks..
  3. Hi all i was wondering if anyone new of any places selling Tokico struts in Newyork as my brother is on his way out there on Sunday and hopefully he'll bring me back 2 for the rear of my 73 240z. Any info would be great .. Thanks.. :stupid:
  4. Hi all I have been toying with the Idea of putting a turbo on my triple webber setup all I need is some advice I know there was a company in Dallas somewhere selling this type of set up but not sure If anyone has seen one of these working what sort of manifold would I have to use to clear the triple webber setup. Parts are very rare over hear in the uk. Thanks...
  5. Hi all I wonder If anyone can help, I've just completed a 350 mile round trip in my zed and now it's began to splutter on idle, I've found that the front carb on my triple weber 40 setup is dripping out fuel out can anyone shed any light on this? when it's rpm is raised it stops. Any help would be great Thanks.
  6. I've had my 240z up to about 135-140ish and ran out of road not sure how accurate the speedo is but the car felt very stable. would like to know how fast it really could go.
  7. I had a good burn with a honda CRX on the race track last year I was ahead of my pack of cars on the final warm down lap when this crx dude over took me, I thought no way buddy so I nailled the throttle and we blasted past him much to his anoyance. He got a good thrashing. he he he.
  8. I'm a male well I was the last time I looked, .
  9. Zed2k


    I'm glad I'm not the only one that might try NOS I've been looking into it and I think the injectors will probably fit into the inlet manifold tap n die etc. They are then activated by a solenoid system which is in turn activated by a switch on the throttle pedal.This way you only get a HP boost when your foot is hard down, this mean you can drive the car normaly when you want to hope this helps.
  10. Zed2k

    P90 head

    Just to say that I have a F54 block (with flat pistons) and run it with a P90a head which I have milled 40 thou and lightly ported and matched the manifolds this with a stage 2 cam and triple Webers makes a very fun and fast Zed car Go for it, works for me. Nick
  11. Nice color the cars gonna look wicked, nice one Kmack.
  12. I listen to rock when driving my Zed usually Sone ZZtop this has always seemed right when putting your foot down. Can't wait for those sweet summer evenings.cool
  13. Hi sorry tp hear of your problems, I would try by using a test meter and checking for a twelve volt feed, at the back of the ignition switch, as you have no power at all I would check the ignition first hope fully as 2manyz says it's burnt out and you can fix it by just changing that component. good luck let us know how you get on.
  14. It seems to work ok, but I haven't managed to speek to anyone yet Doh. Hopefully will soon
  15. That sounds like a great idea, it would provide a place to go for advice/ discussions etc, with a quicker reply( instant) for problems. You get my vote.
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