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  1. Damn. I wish I knew this was going back up for sale, I'd love to have my old engine back again. I probably spent $3k building that engine. The SU carbs alone, which according to Scott at Z-therapy, were '70 specials; set me back $800 alone. I had that block worked over down at Custom engine rebuilders, a 5-way angle job done on the head with just a bit shaved as a result. The pistons were damned expensive as well, forged rods, and lets not even talk about the pain those Felpro gaskets were. I spent about 3 months rebuilding that engine. Do you have any more pictures of it? I'd love to see some more of it.
  2. Some of you remember me, most probably won't. This was my first forum I posted to regularly back in 2000 under the username "Timberwolf". Of course times change and I swapped names to go with the commonly accepted name I use only these days. Gone is the Z..well all of them in fact. I've had 4 Zs. Had to get rid of them thanks to the wonders of childbirth, but I miss them everyday...even after I replaced them eventually with an SVT Focus. The first 2 Zs were 280ZXs, but my '73 240Z was wonderful. It went through 3 starters one winter thanks to the SUs being rather stubborn, after that I decided to go fuel-injected so not to worry about that ever again. Pity. I built that engine myself from the wreck of the 2080Z P79 head and F54 block and put about $3K in the engine. It was soooo sweet and ran like a top...but only in the summer. Sold it to a guy here on the forums, back when this was 240z.org. Nice guy. Evidently there was more rust that I was aware of, add in that he drove it kinda hard down to Dallas, and the engine was leaking by the time he got down there. He proceeded to chop my baby into tiny pieces and use the parts for another Z. I almost cried when I saw the pictures. My '75 280Z wasn't nearly the car the '73 was (mainly due to the built engine I had in the '73), but it looked and ran nice. Sadly my wife didn't like the idea of mounting the car seat to the roll bar so I had to trade it off in '06. Sold it to a guy in Atlanta sight un-seen. I'm told he used it for autocrossing. So I'm sporting an SVT Focus now...and I love it. In fact I feel guilty at the amount of pleasure I get from that car. Its sporty, can hold both kids in the back no problem, and is a 6-speed with more mods than I care to mention (Saleen suspension anyone?). I miss my Zs, and will probably own another one day, but for the time being, the SVTF gets me through... Anyway I just wanted to check in with y'all and say howdy. - Jimmy
  3. Bah. I want a stick. But thanks for the heads up!
  4. For the longest time I couldn't get online here, almost from the old 240Z.org days in fact. Today I am finally able to get online. Yeah!! Now...time to buy a Z again. **evil smile**
  5. Just curious here, as it'll likely be a few years before the wife gives a favorable nod towards me getting a Z again, I know the white interior was something of a rarity; but did it come in the auto only or did it come in the manual 70-78s as well? ...and was it just '70-'78 or was it limited to a specific run of years?
  6. Yes, but Z owners are rather particular of their cars. Besides, you wouldn't call a Bull Dog a Bull Terrier when going to the vet, yes? Proper namesake helps alot in diagnosis.
  7. I so look forward to that. Sounds like this may be an adventure. :rambo:
  8. So in other words, I am liable to end up with extra cable? The old stereo is going away and a new CD player is going in.
  9. Alrighty. How difficult is that to change out? And (silly question), is this something you want to buy new or will used work? How much are we talking about here?
  10. Assuming I wanted to do it right, other than the ball joints and the tie rods, anything else up front I ought to consider replacing? Is the steering rack replaceable? I was also wondering if it couldn't be the "u-joint" on the steering column under the hood. I have no idea if thats replaceable. :stupid:
  11. I'm getting ready to put in a new stereo and (naturally) antenna in my '75 280Z. Whats the best way to route the antenna cord? I picked up a fairly nice aftermarket antenna (non-power) but I am not certain the cord is long enough. I picked up some "extension" for it, but now I might end up with too much or not enough; one extreme or the other. Is there a way to splice the cord so as to not have too much?
  12. So a few of you may remember (or not) that my '75 280Z runs like a dream but has a total gonzo of a suspension. In short, its in worse shape than David Hasselhoff's singing career. I'm pretty certain it needs new rubber (or poly as it were), new shocks, struts, and u-joints. A new rear diff mount definatly, and perhaps ball joints and or tie rods. Right now the steering wheel vibrates something awful when driving. Even stopped, the steering wheel has a good 1/2"-1" of play in it. Back tires have gone completly bald, and I don't drive it rough at all. Obviously alignment was out. Think the u-joints are about toast due to the sound I hear when driving. And of course, the infamous Z clunk when shifting; rear diff mount. I bought some new back tires but I'm nervous about putting them on until I get some of these other issues resolved. But where to start? If I have everything done, parts alone could cost $500-$1000 (God help me if I have a shop put them on). So should I wait and do it all at once when I can afford it or do a little at a time?
  13. I've been wondering the same thing. Thanks for the part#.
  14. Well the edge of the mirror is somewhat noticable on the corners, but its still better than what I had. Of course the $40 I spent was a bit much for a $5 piece of glass, but like I said; its better than what I had.
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