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  1. Dude, that really sucks. Thanks for the heads up though. Will not be buying from him for sure!
  2. Hey y'all, Some know that I have been looking for my first car off and on for the last 9 years. It was a 1972 112 yellow nicknamed "Slimer". It had an L28 with the original E88, American Racing Libres, front bumper option with the bar across the top, aftermarket vinyl seatcovers that reminded me of chocolate colored marble, missing shift knob (the Hurst one was stolen right before it was impounded), and a busted radio. The last I know, it was being held at Associated Auto Tow in Fremont, CA, and the lien sale (which I am not sure if it was ever completed or not) was handled by Ritter Sales So
  3. I was talking about the email list. But no worries, my friend! I was going through some boxes at my parents house and found the paperwork from the tow yard.

    Alas, I run into a new problem. Is there a VIN registry on the club site? I kind of looked but I didn't see one.

    I did already check zhome.com's, doesn't seem like there are a lot of entries on it. Slimer was HLS30-63920 (got it memorized now, ha)

    Carfax and all of the other VIN searches require 17 digits. (1981 and newer) I hear that police officers are not allowed to search for the information unless they enter a reason into the system, since some of them have used it to stalk ex wives and similar stuff.

    I'm still looking through the forums to see if anyone has posted about this before. :)

  4. Hiya Kel, umm.. not sure if I can pull archives. But, the system should keep your PM's if you didn't delete them. Did you look in all the folders?

  5. zfreak72


    Finally have a picture of my first Z! This was taken when my sister still owned it, around 1990.
  6. Want to go look at a Z with me this weekend in Corona? I can't stand it anymore! Must.... Have.... Z!!!!
  7. Thanks guys I haven't really had much to post about since I haven't had a Z to work on. But I still log on every now and then to see what you guys are up to. It doesn't seem like there is as much activity on the list as there used to be, so here I am. Dad said he would rather hold off on doing anything to the Z until he is done building the cabin. So looks like I am still not going to be wrenching on a Z anytime soon.
  8. Quick rundown... Mom and Dad are original owners of their '72. In 85, mom got the 300zx, and the 240 was retired to the garage. Between 1990 and 1996 it was hardly driven at all. In 1996 I was pregnant and needed wheels to get to doctors appointments. Without any prep to the Z other than charging the battery, I started driving it. (In hindsight, we should all be slapped for that one.) In 1997, it started to overheat a lot. Between 98 and 2003, Dad and I replaced the radiator, hoses, thermostat, fan clutch, water pump, etc. The last thing on our list is the head gasket. It has not been worked o
  9. Hey Dodger, It's alright, no apology needed. It's not a matter of getting the loans, it's surviving otherwise until it's done. I ate enough Top Ramen just getting my AAS, and I almost lost my freakin mind pulling 18-20 hour days for 2 years. I'll still be getting the grants and loans, and using the settlement to pay rent and bills instead of working, so I can concentrate solely on my BSN.
  10. So I take it they're doing the car wash instead of the autocross event?
  11. OMG, I can't believe you were that closeby. Did you get it all done? If not, whatcha got left? Not looking for another quite yet. I can't justify that expense until I've gone all the way I want to go with college. Right now I'm waiting for an injury settlement to come in so I can quit my day job and go back for my Bachelor's in Nursing, which is what I've wanted to do for 7 years now. The Associate's degree I got in Medical Assisting is kind of a joke, other than getting some of the classes out of the way for my BSN. Once I get all of that straightened out, I'll still need to buy a house with
  12. Too bad you're not closer to me, I woulda swung by and offered a hand.
  13. Not sure if we're going to the dinner, I think we're just going to the show on Sunday. But I'm going to try to hit the autox event before I go to Union Station to pick up my dad. This weekend will call for LOTS of driving. .
  14. zfreak72


    OMG she is beautiful! Man, how'd you score a job like that?
  15. zfreak72

    Memorial Day '07

    Just some new pictures taken by a very talented friend of mine. She also takes awesome pics of pets. If you're in or don't mind traveling to the South Bay, and interested in having her do some work for ya, let me know!
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