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  1. Did you ever find out where to get the air dam? I know it's a 240sx conversion, but I would still like to get the air dam and fit it to my 240z. You can email me back directly at jpivy@aol.com . I too have gone blue in the face trying to find this air dam.

  2. What do u think guys/gals, better the 300zx wheels?
  3. zorro

    New wheels better?

    What do u think guys/gals, better the 300zx wheels?
  4. Frt Spoiler being assembled
  5. Frt Spoiler being assembled
  6. zorro

    Ta Dah!

    Those 300ZX wheels are only temporary until i can afford custom made 3 piece wheels. The cut outs are for my side repeaters just a little touch for something different i wanted to do....
  7. zorro

    Ta Dah!

    Yeah i had to use spacers to fit the wheels its a real problem rubbin on the springs at the moment. By using 195/60/15 tyres i was able to completely remove spacers on rear but i need spacers on the front still. Still working on that any ideas how to fix? And yep 2 & 1/2 yrs in the making u bet i chomping at the bit
  8. zorro


    Thanks for the nice words guys... yeah it did take a heap of time to get the gaps perfect you have no idea ....
  9. zorro


    First completed paint shot
  10. zorro

    Mark of 240z

    not sure if that was a dig but coming from a yank quite possible he he! Anyway beauty is in the eye of the beholder.....
  11. zorro

    Mark of 240z

    Is that the vinyl u meant Gav?
  12. zorro

    Mark of 240z

    Bugger the badges!
  13. zorro

    First layer

    They're my new side repeaters, i didn't like the large ones on the 260Z i wanted something unique. I think u will like the final result 280z.....
  14. zorro

    RH Rear

    Rear 1st coat
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